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    What's with McMiller?

    imported post Just noticed that their web page isn't up, the range was closed, and I see this in the paper: http://www.jsonline.com/news/waukesha/59413257.html Any idea if they are going to re-open?
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    Anyone need SM Mag rifle primers?

    imported post I have a few boxes of CCI 0011 Small Rifle Magnum primers which I no longer have a use for. Let me know if you need any.
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    Getting rid of the Glock

    imported post I think I am going to trade my G17 in on a 92FS. Anyone interested in it? It's got 3 factory magazines, and has about 250 rounds into it. I also have a internal laser sight if anyone wants that.
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    hedge apples

    imported post I have heard rumors that grocery stores sell hedge apples. Osage oranges aren't really common to this area, they aren't edible, but apparently apparently they sell them to repell bugs? Anyone see them for sale locally? I saw a demonstration in Topeka and they explode real good...
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    Fantastic WalMart experience

    imported post Just got back from grocery shopping at the Mukwonago Walmart (Which is the only grocery store open at 1:30AM). Went about the same as shopping there during the day, except this time I was greeted leaving the exit by a nice police officer who asked for my ID. I gave it to him, he...
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    OC on lawn mower

    imported post I'm still a little confused by this: "Your mowing your lawn you've got your weapon tied to your hip and now you jump into your vehicle to get some gas for your lawn mower. We'll now you've entered a different arena, just as if you wore it into a place where alcohol is being...