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  1. Hawkflyer

    New Gun Store Threatened in Northern Virginia

    Folks I don't know what has happend in politically in Alexandria and Arlington lately but the action of the state representitives in that area are WAY over the line. A group of legislaters including - Dels. Patrick Hope, Alfonso Lopez, Richard Sullivan and Mark Levine and Sens. Barbara Favola...
  2. Hawkflyer

    Manassas Journal Messenger -

    imported post Lingamfelter wants to repeal Va’s one-handgun-a-month rule.
  3. Hawkflyer

    Sherpa holsters

    imported post Well with the combination of some of you guys ragging on me at the ocasional OC event and the deep discopunts at Quantico Supply I finally bought one of those BlackHawk serpa retention things you guys keep telling me I should have for responsible open carry. I am still a little...
  4. Hawkflyer

    OCDO HITS 24,000 Members!!!

    imported post Congratulations to John Pierce and OCDO on gaining another 1,000 members.
  5. Hawkflyer

    CONGRATULATIONS !!! OCDO reaches 23,000 members

    imported post Wow! The site just keeps growing. Great news for free thinking people everywhere. Many thank s to the sponsors without whom Open Carry would not have a voice. Rgeards
  6. Hawkflyer

    Pistol Bayonet

    imported post This Pistol Bayonet is just the ticket for the guy who has everything for his plastic pistol. And under $40 bucks to boot.
  7. Hawkflyer

    New L.A. gun control law proposed

    imported post New L.A. gun control law proposed Just a few weeks after the Los Angeles City Council approved a batch of new gun and ammunition ordinances tightening restrictions on ammunition vendors, council members Jack Weiss and Janice Hahn are proposing a new law that would make it more...
  8. Hawkflyer

    In New Jersey - Underground Bunker Hid Part of Huge Arsenal

    imported post This story is disconcerting as the clear implication is that there is some point at which the number of firearms a person collects, or the amount of ammunition he possesses can be considered in and of itself probable cause for action by law enforcement. While I recognize this...
  9. Hawkflyer

    SCOTUS Rules on loosening to exclusionary rule

    imported post http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/15/washington/15scotus.html?_r=1&hp January 15, 2009 Justices Say Evidence Is Valid Despite Police Error ByDAVID STOUT WASHINGTON — TheSupreme Courton Wednesday upheld the conviction of an Alabama man on drug and weapons charges, emphasizing...
  10. Hawkflyer

    What do you keep beside your bed at night

    imported post This thread concerning a man confronting an intruder in his home in the middle of the night got me curious as to what most people keep handy at NIGHT to defend their home and family. Most of us carry something during the day, and many keep that same carry piece handy at night as...
  11. Hawkflyer

    NITROVIC - Please post your comments and arguments with others here

    imported post I just know I will live to regret even acknowledging your existence but nothing could be worse for this forum than the existing situation. Nitrovic please feel free to post here to your hearts content. If you do I promise to come here to read the stuff so you wont be talking to...
  12. Hawkflyer

    New District of Columbia FIrearms Regulations

    imported post http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/17/us/17gun.html By MICHAEL FALCONE Published: December 16, 2008 WASHINGTON — Nearly six months after the Supreme Court put an end to the District of Columbia’s decades-old ban on handgun possession, the City Council here passed a sweeping new...
  13. Hawkflyer

    Washington Post Firearms law map

    imported post Unless I miss my guess, the information concerning Virginia in this map is not correct. One would be led to believe that a permit is required to simply carry a firearm, but as we all know you only need a permit if you want to conceal the firearm from common observation. I...
  14. Hawkflyer

    Unsung hero of the Virginia Tech Attacks

    imported post This is from the OP-ED page of the Potomac News in Prince William County today. Letter to the Editor I wonder why this young man has been ignored in the reporting. Regards On another note, there is a move to give state funds to the family of the shooter to compensate for the...
  15. Hawkflyer

    CHP Renewal

    imported post Well I submitted my renewal 6/8/07. For me this will be the second renewal. We will see if they can still do it in two weeks like the last two times. At least they have the process down now. I was the first to apply in PW when the then new "Shall" issue law went into effect...
  16. Hawkflyer

    I am the Gun

    imported post I am born of a purpose, a need, and I am born to serve. I come from the hottest fires, the strongest steels, and the finest woods. But I am born without a will of my own. At your beckoning, I can do the darkest evil, or the greatest good. I am your constant companion, friend...
  17. Hawkflyer

    National Police Week - May 14-18, 2007

    imported post President John F. Kennedy designated the week containing May 15 as national police week in 1962. More information May 15, 2007 is National Peace Officers' Memorial Day. The link contains the schedule of events for Washington DC. If you are in the area, check it out. Regards
  18. Hawkflyer

    Court sides with county in FOIA suit

    imported post Just something else to keep an eye on. Potomac News article Court sides with county in FOIA suit A Prince William Circuit judge has ruled in favor of Prince William County in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. Prince William Circuit Judge Richard B. Potter has denied Front...
  19. Hawkflyer

    CAUGHT RED HANDED - Virginia man arrests peeping tom at gunpoint

    imported post This story from last saturday Police press release Regards
  20. Hawkflyer

    Old Bank Sign found in Pecos Texas.

    imported post I found this sign in a Museum in Pecos Texas. While it no longer hangs in local banks, at one time not so long ago it did.