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  1. protect our rights

    Penalty for no Permit.

    I was going out today down here in Marion County without a permit to conceal. (I DO have a LTCH in Indiana) My wallet was lost on the way down here. It was found last week and is in transit. I would like to still be armed and able to defend myself should I have to. I know Indiana they "can"...
  2. protect our rights

    SB 292 Has passed.

    Finally, long awaited preemption law in Indiana! Now to the governors desk for signing. Mitch Daniels is pro-gun. AN ACT to amend the Indiana Code concerning criminal law and procedure. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Indiana: SOURCE: IC 14-22-31.5-5; (11)SE0292.1.1...
  3. protect our rights

    The Right Politician

    Some of the guys that we should be voting for, supporting or Ron and Rand Paul. Texas and Kentucky's Senators. (R) Both these guys are 100% Constitution, and in essence 100% Gun rights. I know their track record and on 2nd amendment issues is almost flawless. Two of the few that are in it for...
  4. protect our rights

    SB 292 Needs your help to get passed!

    SB 292 would enact preemption across the state. No local entity would be able to enact ordinances prohibiting the legal carrying of a firearm any where that was allowed by state law. Now since the the walk-out over the collective bargaining agreement with teachers, they may not have time to fit...
  5. protect our rights

    Man well within his rights, might be arrested OCing.

    check this link out. This guy was breaking no law, but charges might be filed because of disorderly conduct. Ridiculous! http://www.ksl.com/?sid=14047833&nid=148
  6. protect our rights

    LEOs = Super Human? think not!

    WOW, some LEOs are just ignorant. It is funny to hear them bicker over OCing. They seem to think they are the only ones that are qualified to carry. Chek out this forum, it has about 20 LEO basically shunning another LEO for the mer mention of OCing. They completely made it so he woul never open...
  7. protect our rights

    Fort Wayne Meet Up Lunch - March 27, 2011

    This was set-up at IndianaGunOwners.com Fort Wayne Meet Up Lunch - March 27, 2011 Setting up another meet up for the Ft Wayne area INGOers!! Sunday March 27th @ Noon MANCINO'S GRINDERS & PIZZA on Dupont Rd Hope to see everyone there!!! Link to the forum...
  8. protect our rights

    Where/When legal to record LEOs

    I'm sure most of you already know your own state law regarding this issue, but for those who don't here you are. As long as the police officer is in public, there is no state where recording a police officer is illegal. If it is a private conversation, 12 states require all parties to consent...
  9. protect our rights

    Rights when stopped by LE

    I am familiar with most Indiana laws governing the carrying of handguns. One thing I haven't came across is the rights hoosier's have when stopped walking along the sidewalk or anywhere else in public by a LEO. If someone knows what we HAVE to give up to the police reply and let me know. Thanks.
  10. protect our rights

    Conceal Carry on Comercial Aircraft.

    Should you be allowed to CC on Comercial Aircraft? I believe that if this were legal 9/11 would have been a lot different (assuming people riding had actually had a firearm with them). Maybe even have a license add-on type of thing that allows you to carry on, so when you go through security...
  11. protect our rights

    Indiana Carry Laws

    I know I know everyone hates wikipedia, but these laws are true as I know the laws, and they put it in easy terms so heres a qoute from the web based Wikipedia: Legislature Alert!! As of today March 16th there are two main bills that will change these laws. HB1540 and SB292 Will make it so...
  12. protect our rights

    OC stories Good/Bad

    Share some of your stories of encounters worth mentioning with your fellow hoosiers.
  13. protect our rights

    Fort Wayne- - Open Carry Lunch/Breakfast

    I started this new thread in hopes that ppl from around my area (northeast Indiana) would to have get-togethers from time to time. Eat, talk about issues and preferences on gun choices.