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    Stand Your Ground???

    I have been working out of state since last August. When visiting home, my Dad said Wisconsin now has Stand Your Ground. I tried telling him that we do not, because I would know about it via FB. He said that he saw it on TV. Anyone know what he might have been talking about?

    Memorial Hall in Kansas City posted?

    I will be in Kansas City on October 6th for Invicta FC 3 and was wondering if anyone knew if it was posted, it being a professional sporting event.

    workin on a project

    Does anyone have a 'circle with a slash' graphic that can be overlaid another image in Power Point? I am dying to have one.The only one I can find is on Wikipedia and the lines are very bold and blaock alot of the image that is being overlaid.

    OC and drinking in a Class B

    Sorry, I couldn't resist. Actually, I think that would be a major OSHA violation.

    What's the trick?

    I see people post links that are not the actual web address. How is that done? :o I don't even know what to Google to learn.:cry:

    What I want for Xmas

    A Reciprocity Agreement between Florida and Wisconsin. Florida would most certainly honor a Wisconsin resident permit, but FL doesn't honor any resident permits from states that doesn't honor a FL resident permit. It all up to WI-DOJ.

    OC and drinking in a Class B

    I know this has been hashed out already. But.....the forum is kinda quite...... Some people believe thier is a narrow loophole where someone can open carry and drink in a place that has been issued a class B liqour license. That very narrow looophole, which no sensible owner or manager would...

    No more Utah non-resident permits?

    Moderator, Please delete this thread. I should have read better before I posted.

    Planning a trip to Superior

    Any Open or Concealed Carriers wanna meet for coffee or lunch?

    Butterfly Knife

    So baasically, any knife that can be opened with one hand is illegal. Being able to open my spring assisted that has a safety with one hand might save my life some day. We need to get some of our freedom minded Legislators to take a look at Wisconsins knife laws and offering a bill that would...

    Double Edged Knifes

    I think I remember someone said double edged knives are illegal, federal law, I think. My son sharpened the back edge on one of his hunting knives. Before I grind it down, defacing his craftmanship, I want to make sure that it is infact illegal. Please, if you can, cite the law so that I can...

    leo weapon retention

    I thought LEO's had really good holsters for weapon retention. Cop wipes out an a Segway and it LOOKS like his service pistol comes flying out. http://youtu.be/wjldrPLX7Pg

    DOJ's New Training Requirements

    http://committeeschedule.legis.wisconsin.gov/files/HearingNotices/11-12-06-1000-2011JADM-17774.html I cannot find LRB 3512 & LRB 3547 to read them. I am sure we have internet investigators that can track them down.

    9mm v .40cal

    Born in April-May? jk. This is pretty convincing. http://www.taurususa.com/news-detail.cfm?newsID=39

    9mm v .40cal

    No pocket.

    9mm v .40cal

    I bought a few of these to use for my PT145, but it is just alittle too big for some of my shirts. They were not cheap so I hate to let them just sit in my holster draw, thus I'm shopping for a gun that would work well. I think I am going with the Tuarus 740 Slim, but I will check out other...

    Hornady - ZOMBIE-MAX

    http://www.hornady.com/store/Zombie-Max-Handgun/ :eek::eek: ..........................................:lol::lol::lol:

    9mm v .40cal

    Looking the the Ruger LC9 and the Taurus PT709 & PT740 Slim. The Ruger is lighter to carry but the Taurus may handle recoil better. I know I would rather shoot 500 rounds through my XD45 than 6 rounds though a .380 LCP. The 9mm's are 7+1 and the .40 cal is 6+1. I think I want to go with a .40...

    WI concealed weapon application tracker

    They don't get dumped in bins. They use trays like these for envelopes. The use bins for larger parcels.

    Permit arrived!!

    I just about sheet. LEO SLAYER? :shocker: :shocker: :shocker: :shocker: :shocker: :shocker: Theres no L. Theres no L. Dang, my mind played a very nasty trick on me.:uhoh::uhoh::uhoh::uhoh: