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  1. Trip20

    Wisconsin's own Fast & Furious!

    . . . SOURCE Jim Sensenbrenner seeks probe of faulty ATF operation Wisconsin congressman wants agency to explain mistakes I particularly like how Rep. Moore uses this as an opportunity to push Obama's nominee to head the ATF.
  2. Trip20

    WI (Wausau): Concealed carry law prevented road rage injury.

    Read entire story here.
  3. Trip20

    Taptalk Issues?

    Recently I'm having issues using Tapatalk with this forum. I'm able to authenticate but when accessing the "Participated" tab I get the following error: Unknown Error "It appears the server has some issue with Tapatalk or your session is expired. If this problem persists, please re-enter this...
  4. Trip20

    Wisconsin Carry Training. (Wausau)

    Our resident phred put on a great class on behalf of the Wisconsin Carry. I went along to accompany my wife who just lost her job, so this free training was very welcome. Thanks WCI and thanks to you phred you are a natural. There were a few odd characters there. The owner of this car in...
  5. Trip20

    DOJ's suggested training cirriculum.

    I yanked this from one of the DOJ model curriculum documents. Does this mean I can have an unloaded encased firearm in my vehicle in the school parking lot while picking up my son? I could swear I saw posts recently stating under no circumstances are firearms on school property OK. I'm...
  6. Trip20

    In the mood for a laugh?

    This made me chuckle.... thought you all might enjoy it too. First time this one made it to my inbox, hopefully you haven't seen this one yet and you like it as much as I did.
  7. Trip20

    Got Training Statistics?

    Anyone stumble on training statistics outlining what the average person seeks with regard to firearm training and whether or not that's affected by government mandated training (or lack of mandated training)?
  8. Trip20

    Hearing on: H.R. 822, the "National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011"

    Video of hearing: H.R. 822 "National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011" Of course this bill comes and goes often...... but I heard, and am about to check for myself, that this video of the hearing of 9/13/2011 was "encouraging" (depending on your opinion, of course). Thought you guys...
  9. Trip20

    Milwaukee Aldermen speak out: Mod Attacks

    Here is joint statement from Ald Bob Donovan (8th Dist) and Ald Joe Dudzik (11th Dist). I agree with them that the answer must come from within the African American community.
  10. Trip20

    Ohio CCW holder successfully defends, and answers question on Ohio CCW forum.

    Here's the link. Thought some of you might find it an interesting read. Link to Video
  11. Trip20

    Fact Check

    In this article I read the quoted statement below. Is this an accurate statement?
  12. Trip20

    Posting Provisions?

    Is there anything in the current version of SB93 related to posting requirements? Size, color, verbiage...etc? Also, anything on penalties for carrying in a posted establishment? I have a feeling I will be even more focused on starving the cash registers of businesses and other establishments...
  13. Trip20

    Open Carry and this guy will run you over with his car...

    Check out this moron... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaUOmT-nJCI&feature=player_embedded#at=49