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  1. twoforme

    Legally Defined Discretion

    Discretion is a human trait.Not a trait of agent of government. We have all heard of the discretion of judges,ca's ,police in this state.I am interested in the codified definition of such. I have not found it,the law ,code,statue is predicated from the assumption that government agents of an...
  2. twoforme

    How do I change the background?

    I have been looking for a way to change the default background on this forum. The default 'white' background is some what hard on my eyes. Is it possible to change my preference to a 'darker' background ? If so how do I accomplish this, If not could this be a feature that could be added...
  3. twoforme

    Thousand Foot Rule?

    New here and am glad that I found this Forum.Have been researching about the 2a. My question has to do with at which point is the 1k ft rule measured from. Is it from the closest (from my approach) edge of the building or is it from the closest (from my approach) at the edge of the grounds...