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  1. Born2Lose

    California bans open carry

  2. Born2Lose

    Photos from San Diego Long Gun Open Carry Event

    http://s1236.photobucket.com/albums/ff458/Born2Lose13/ Some photos of the San Diego Long Gun Open Carry event held last Saturday courtesy of the patriots at Escondido Open Carry. http://www.escondido-open-carry.org/ If anyone has any other photos/videos/etc please share. Thanks.
  3. Born2Lose

    Announcing Long Gun Coming Out Day, October 22, 2011.

    Excellent. When i searched them online they made it seem like a normal school. That opens up the parking options much more. Here's the revised map. Look better Mark?
  4. Born2Lose

    Rifle Open Carry question

    I will be attending the San Diego ULGOC event this Saturday. I am going to open carrying my pistol as usual but sling an unloaded SKS on my back to limit media "evil black rifle" drama. If someone were to carry an AR and have an empty mag in the well but a full mag coupled to it would it still...
  5. Born2Lose

    My Assemblyman Brian Jones speaking out (ish) on AB144

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VD_ylPw2WpY http://www.arc.asm.ca.gov/member/77/?p=resources My Asseblyman Brian Jones (i live in Lakeside, CA) on the floor speaking out on AB144..kind of. While i would love for CA to go to "shall issue" i don't believe it's far enough. Constitutional Carry is...
  6. Born2Lose

    Anyone ever UOC in Hillcrest?

    My wife wanted some fresh veggies this weekend so she drug me to the Hillcrest farmers market on Sunday. Afterwards we went to a mexican restaurant in the heart of hillcrest. When I got home I slapped my forehead! I should have open carried. Anyone know how "tolerant" the mecca of tolerance is...
  7. Born2Lose

    El Cajon Car Show starts today!

    As the title states the Cajon Classic Cruise starts today and continues until the end of October. I know we've previously discussed the safe areas to UOC in downtown E.C. but i can't seem to find them. There was talk of a not easily found school that was just a storefront and didn't appear on...
  8. Born2Lose

    Unexpected Response from a Business

    My wife and i are both heavily tattooed. I have been going to the same tattoo artist for 12 years. I'd consider him my friend..we've been at each others houses many times. I thought i knew him but i guess not. My wife had an appointment to finish her rib piece on Saturday at noon. I did my...
  9. Born2Lose

    CHEAP memory for your recording devices!

    I'm not affiliated with 1saleaday in any way. Just wanted to give you guys the headsup. I know that many of your recording devices use sd or micro sd. Two 4 gig microsd's with sd adapters for $7.99..i believe shipping is $5. http://1saleaday.com/
  10. Born2Lose

    San Diego Event Post

    Lets start planning some gatherings now. Not much happens until the summer. I'm East County born and raised so that's what i posted. Lets get some other links and maybe start a calendar. Obviously we'd do research on the area before we'd go anywhere. La Mesa Events...
  11. Born2Lose

    San Diego UOC meetup Update??

    I've been waiting all day for a debriefing of what went on during the meetup in downtown today. Spill it guys!
  12. Born2Lose

    Family UOC outing

    Just got back from UOCing with my wife and daughter. We were at Walmart in Santee for about 15 minutes and Costco in Santee for a half an hour. It was a non-event. Many employees saw me carrying and not a word was said. I used OC Kimber's idea of carrying the "IT'S LEGAL" pamphlet in my back...
  13. Born2Lose

    Had an UOC bad dream

    I'm sure many of you have had bad self defense nightmares, but have you ever had any UOC nightmares. /Start run on sentences. In my dream i was UOC'ing in a place that look kind of like the courtyards of local SD schools, however there was some sort of restaurant there. Someone came out into the...
  14. Born2Lose

    New LA Examiner Article on Open Carry

    Enjoy. http://www.examiner.com/la-in-los-angeles/ninth-circuit-inches-towards-inevitability-of-openly-carried-firearms I would also suggest subscribing to Charles Nichols threads.
  15. Born2Lose

    Locked open slide in a holster?

    Maybe this has already been postulated but i could not find it with search. I was thinking on my drive in to work today (1 hour with no traffic) about UOC and LUCC and the possibility of mix of the 2 popped in my head. I saw in a few LUCC videos that they would leave the pistol in the case...
  16. Born2Lose

    Easty County UOC

    New to this board but not to guns. I've been reading up on all the pamphlets, encounters, suggestions, warnings, etc on the CA forum. Now that i'm getting a little older and have a wife and a daughter firearms have gone from a hobby to a necessity. I think i was putting way to much hope in...