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  1. NHCGRPR45

    Coming to California From Michigan

    I am coming to California from Michigan and I have a concealed pistol license. Does your state honor my license and what restrictions if any do I need to follow? Thank you all and carry on!
  2. NHCGRPR45

    Kroger staying the course in regards to Open Carry!

    http://www.unitedliberty.org/articles/18528-heres-a-grocery-store-chain-that-is-standing-up-to-gun-control-groups We should send out a kind of thank you letter.
  3. NHCGRPR45

    Chief Craig Stance on Armed citizens. Open carry mentioned

    Very lawfully factual, and very well balanced. http://www.theguardian.com/money/2014/aug/17/police-guns-detroit-crime-race-cost-issues
  4. NHCGRPR45

    Offered a MI Open Carry Tri-fold today

    I was at my local vet today with my dad and while my cat was being seen a vet-tech came in and said a client asked her to give me a plain white envelope with a MI Open Carry tri-fold. I am just looking to find out who this was. This person obviously saw my very badly concealed SIG and wanted to...
  5. NHCGRPR45

    The Hidden benefits of Open Carry....

    Good article from the Truth about Guns website. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2012/08/robert-farago/the-hidden-benefit-of-open-carry/
  6. NHCGRPR45

    Michigan Pistols question

    I have a question and am looking for your opinions on this. I have a line of AR recievers and plan on buying several and registering them all as handguns. My question is...To get the MI pistol designation do the pistols have to be "complete" to qualify or can the later be built into MI pistols...
  7. NHCGRPR45

    Carrying a concealed gun provides little more than an illusion of safety,,Sarcasm ON

    :banghead: http://special.registerguard.com/web/opinion/28152397-47/concealed-handgun-safe-county-lane.html.csp Open Carry relevant, last paragraph. Still not a friendly article to all of "us" CC OC people who are paranoid about being safe.:cuss:
  8. NHCGRPR45

    Waterford PD "You do have the Constitutional right to not videotape that"

    http://www.pixiq.com/article/michigan-cop-to-citizen Waterford Police threaten to "take as evidence" a video camera from a person who was video taping the end of a high speed chase in Waterford, this is a video story worth watching. So my question is: Can they legally do that? So far as I...
  9. NHCGRPR45

    Gander Mountain refuses political groups?

    http://www.waronguns.blogspot.com/2012/05/pander-mountain.html "In a posting on its Facebook page, Gander Mountain says it's been a longtime partner of the NRA, but that its customers are diverse and have varied interests, so it established a policy recently which prohibits it from hosting...
  10. NHCGRPR45

    Water Guns Banned Real Guns Allowed.......

    http://news.yahoo.com/water-guns-banned-handguns-allowed-gop-convention-202223900--abc-news-politics.html Interesting read from Florida. Typical Elitist attitude, why should regular people need guns??
  11. NHCGRPR45

    Open Carry, Tactical or Strategic?

    For a guy who does not like open carry he sure does promote it! Great article IMO, read on! ." Now, when I say tactical I’m not referring to bayonets or picatinny rails on your carry weapon but tactical in the sense of what’s going on when the SHTF. And from that kind of a tactical standpoint...
  12. NHCGRPR45


    http://www.nraila.org/legislation/federal-legislation/2012/international-firearm-abolitionists-prepare-to-draft-arms-trade-treaty.aspx We need to contact our Reps and senators now. For support of the bill to prevent the United States from signing on to this world effort to back door our...
  13. NHCGRPR45

    3 interesting articles about Open Carry, Pro and Con

    http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2012/03/robert-farago/is-mainstream-america-shifting-towards-open-carry/ Mainstream Open Carry! http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2012/02/jim-sutherland/open-vs-concealed-carry-a-canadians-perspective-not-shown/ A Canadians perspective on Open Carry...
  14. NHCGRPR45

    Viridian X5L gen 2

    I just got a Viridian X5L Gen 2 from Xfighterdefense.com the owner is prior service and offers discounts to Military customer past and present. I had great service from him and when I had a question he called me personnally! He has excellent customer service and knows everything about Viridian...
  15. NHCGRPR45

    Moving to Texas!

    Well, I have gotten a great job in the Lone Star state and I am on my way to Texas! I just wanted to say good bye to all my open carry friends here in Michigan. I will miss you guys and girls a lot and I will miss being able to open carry as well! I will leave my contact info here as soon as my...
  16. NHCGRPR45

    Coming to Texas.

    Hello, I am coming to your state for work for a few months and have some questions. 1. what does redily discernable mean? Is it the same as printing? 2. will i have to qualify with my preffered sidearm? 3. How long would I be able to stay and work in texas without having to get a TX DL and...
  17. NHCGRPR45

    Sanctimonious legislators and the Gun Lobby.

    http://host.madison.com/ct/news/opinion/column/dave_zweifel/plain-talk-who-knows-whether-concealed-carry-is-safer/article_a3649e87-9c2c-50e5-823d-c0695086deb3.html “As a result, the question becomes whether allowing more people to carry guns actually deters crime, as gun rights advocates...
  18. NHCGRPR45

    what would you do "lost"

    Think again!
  19. NHCGRPR45

    Coming to NM from Michigan

    What are the laws regarding OC in NM? And is New Mexico an OC friendly State?
  20. NHCGRPR45

    Gun Policy: The Continued Triumph of Angry Extremists

    Found this little pearl of wise words. A guy calling both sides nuts, with a strong lean towards anti ways of thinking. He even mentions us OC's walking down beaches! A direct quote! "and “open carry” advocates show up on beaches and in eateries just to prove some sort of point considered...