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    Scam Calls

    Scam callers are sometimes entertaining at a certain point.
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    Tomb of The Unknowns Guards begin carry of custom M17 pistols.

    That is one sharp pistol! Such a beautiful piece of art!
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    Preferred 9mm conceal carry?

    Never even heard of the 43X. I always though the 19X was the only one labeled X-Model. I'll check it out!
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    Preferred 9mm conceal carry?

    This maybe an odd question since this being an open carry dedicated group. But there are times I do need to conceal carry regardless of my view with it. I have been looking at the Glock 26 9mm currently. I checked out the Gen5 at my local gun shop and with the pinky extension, it's quite a nice...
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    Purchashed the Glock 19X Model!

    Have to say I love this gun and I can easily open/conceal this thing without a problem. The trigger is extremely nice, it shoots great just out of the box! I was slightly questioning myself on why I became interested in this Glock out of the blue. I went to my local gun shop and saw it, bought...
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    Recommend "American Made" Compact .45 1911

    Looking for suggestions of American made only compact/Subcompact 1911's. Currently my all time favorite at the moment is my Ruger SR1911 5in model. Wanting to get another 1911 preferred compact/Sub-Compact for the rare occasion that I have to conceal carry. I love the weight of an all steel...
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    Had no idea Costco is ant-firearm

    Just experienced today that apparently Cosco is anti-firearm. For years I’ve always shopped there and carried. Never had an issue with management and somehow I wasn’t aware of this policy. Closed my account today with them and they asked me to reconsider. Told them I already did and feel it’s my...
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    Eat and Meet Gathering? Both Kansas/Missouri

    I am curious if folks would like to meet up and talk politics at say maybe a breakfast or lunch place. I'm finally at a place now where I can make it to gatherings and be more involved. Speak of current issues, politics, rules, laws, etc. I know we have the forums to obviously to do this. But I...
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    Eat and Meet Gathering? Both Kansas/Missouri

    Simply post a link like this - http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?135146-Eat-and-Meet-Gathering-Both-Kansas-Missouri Duplicate postings are considered spamming - imagine posting to all 50 states. It has been tried.
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    Glock Question number nine-billion and seven-hundred and fifty-million!

    My current carry pistol is an FMH FNS 9mm. Getting pretty tired of having a hard time finding accessories that work with this piece. Also a lot of the stores around me don't even carry much of anything FNH. Is the current generation Glock 22 9mm/.40 caliber still a worth while pistol to buy for...
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    Open carry experience at West Port in Kansas City, Missouri

    I haven't posted in a long time and figure I post my experience while I was open carrying down in West Port. Now I was down there for the food trucks and looking for a friend of mine who needed a ride home, not to cause any kind of a issue. Anyways as thinking it's been sometime since folks have...
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    Local CCW Class Kansas this month?

    I know we are an open carry based group, but I haven't gotten my CCW back. Was curious if anyone here knows of a class going on this month, cause it seems like only classes going on are next month on like the 8th or so. I've had my KS CCW before, just had to turn it in when I became an Alaskan...
  13. D

    This video makes zero sense! 1911 vs Glock!

    This guy states no information that would make his argument valid when it comes to Glock vs 1911. He made claims stating changing the grip on the 1911 would mess with it and cause it to stove pipe/ or failure to feed. He also stated he rarely sees anyone in his class use a 1911 and not have...
  14. D

    Selecting for duty, chose .45 ACP need suggestions!

    I got a job offer to do government contracts and I have the option to provide my own firearm. I'm choosing .45 as it's the best for stopping power as I most likely will not be trying to shoot huge distances while on duty. They gave us the option to choose 9mm, .40, and .45 caliber. What's...
  15. D

    S&W M&P40/45 or S&W 1911 .45?

    I'm having a hard choice on picking which one of these to purchase for a daily carry. I have many good thoughts on the .40 M&P as I used that during my employment working Homeland Security Heartland Contract as a Federal Protections Officer. But that option for .45 is there too. I've also had...
  16. D

    Weekly get togethers? Talk Politics?

    I know this maybe a long shot, but back in Kansas we had weekly gatherings which turned out to be fun as you get to meet new people. I was curious if anyone here does this, I've seen a few postings of others that have done this. If it's pretty small, I would like to see if folks here would be...
  17. D

    New resident since June of 2013

    I have questions in regards of getting the CCW permit here in Alaska. Is it really worth the money and time to get the permit even though here in Alaska there is no law requiring permits for concealed or open carry? Reason why I ask is I will hopefully soon be getting on at the Anchorage...
  18. D

    S&W M&P .45c Question!

    I am considering this little beauty for my next compact carry pistol, mostly for when I want or need to conceal carry whenever. I've read several reviews on this little guy and seen nothing but praise. Just was wondering if anyone here has messed with this particular model as far as shooting it...
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    Moving from KS to OK fairly soon....CCW Questions!

    I have currently a Kansas conceal permit and have no idea how to transfer to where I get a Oklahoma carry. I am moving down for a job with a friend of mine and will most likely stay down here for some years. If I turn in my license before moving will I have to go through the pains of...
  20. D

    My Favorite Video Clip! It speaks TRUTH on our country!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=16K6m3Ua2nw#! This is pretty much all true of what he's saying in this video clip, no hard feeling but all true. I like to know others opinions here on what you all think of what he states.