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    Relocating to Nye County

    Greetings! My family and I will be relocating from western WA to Nye county in March of this year! I have been an avid open carrier for many years in WA and I have carried openly or concealed in many other states. I have a couple of follow up items for clarification: 1. It seems that there...
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    Visiting Arizona - Grand Canyon Railway - No Guns ?!?

    Hello everyone in Arizona! We've been planning a trip for quite some time (6+ months) and one of our events is to take the train into the Grand Canyon. I had read here that the railway was very OC friendly but when we stopped by today to pick up our tickets they had the AZ required No Guns...
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    Kansas state preemption question

    I am investigating the current state of open carry and state preemption and I would appreciate any assistance. In looking through the statues, I found: 12-16,124. Firearms and ammunition; regulation by city or county, limitations. (a) No city or county shall adopt any ordinance, resolution...
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    Issaquah OC Thread?

    I didn't find any existing thread on east King County/Issaquah OC experiences so I thought I would start one. I regularly carry openly in Issaquah (and just about everywhere else for that matter). Home Depot: no issues. I had some guy yell from his car his approval across the parking lot one...
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    20th Anniversary trip - 2 weeks in AK - OC Experiences so far...

    My family and I are 4 days into our 2 week adventure in Alaska and having a great time. We are motoring about in a 32' motorhome seeing and doing just about everything. We have lived in Washington state for over 7 years now where I OC often. I thought folks from/living in AK would be...
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    Traveling to AK this summer...some questions

    Greetings everyone. My family and I will be traveling to AK this summer for a 2 week trip celebrating our 20 year anniversary. We will be traveling armed and while I've open carried and conceal carried in many states, I do have some questions for AK: 1. I know that places that have posted...
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    OC in Rest Areas

    As I am planning my travels in 2013, including Montana, I have been reading up on the CC and OC laws. One point that is not clear is whether OC in the highway rest areas is ok. Would anyone provide some clarification (and possibly cite the reference)? Thanks!
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    WAC Gun Show in Monroe, WA-Worth going?

    imported post Being new to the area, this gun show is touted as the "Big One" by the WAC. As I am not a member, is the show still worth checking out? I'm in the market to replenish my reloading supplies, though browsing for a sidearm for my wife is not out of the question. Will I be able to buy...
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    Time for CC permit?

    imported post Just curious: what are folks seeing for time until they receive their CWP. I'm doing the paperwork and fingerprinting this week as a suppliment to OC. I know they have 30 days, but I thought I saw that some folks were getting their permit sooner. I'm in King county :shock...
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    New to WA-Question

    imported post Speaking with a local dealer, he indicated that the 5 day waiting period is a "max time" not a minumum timeframe (no CPL) for new purchases. I've looked at the relevant RCW, but I'm not sure how he came to that conclusion unless I'm reading the RCW incorrectly. Can someone...