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    The gun, in perspective

    I recieved this in an email today...thought it was very interesting and agree with the author of the letter 100%. Let me be the first to say, Semper Fi! "The Gun Is Civilization" Interesting take and one you don't hear much. . . . .. . I offer you a stellar example of a letter (written by...
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    .44 Magnum Accident

    This was just sent to me by a co-worker of mine, it was sent to him by a buddy of his that's an LEO here in VA...Beware of Chinese made ammo! A guy came into the PD the other day to ask a favor. He had a S&W 629 (44 Mag.) that he wanted to dispose of after a mishap at the range. He said there...
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    Starbuck's Telephone Survey

    imported post Got a call about 9:30 tonight asking me if I'd like to participate in a brief phone survey. I said sure, why not and the first question was "Does anyone in your household frequent Starbuck's?" I told the woman that both my wife and I are Starbuckaholics and probably go a dozen...
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    Travelling to PA

    imported post I'm going to be travelling to PAfor a longweekend for Easter. We're going to Slippery Rock and then we'll be in the Pittsburgh area (Southside). I'm mainly just curious if PA has a "stop and identify" law. both my wife and I have VA CHP's which are good while we're in PA; but, I...
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    Starbuck's Shooting

    imported post http://www.wavy.com/dpp/news/local_news/norf-starbucks-hit-by-random-gunfire Hmmm....kind of ironic, isn't it? I wonder if some anti doesn't like Starbuck's policy so much that they decided to "give them a reason" to ban guns...we have environmental terrorists, why not anti-gun...
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    Match Grade Barrel

    imported post I bought an RIA 1911 at a gun show this past weekend. It has been well used and was in need of a little TLC. I took it home, took it apart, spent about3 hours (that time also includes installing and zeroing the Crimson Trace grips on my wife'sK frame S&W Ladysmith .357 we bought...
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    Update on CHP Problems

    imported post Well, after all the problems I had getting fingerprinted for my CHP....IT CAME TODAY!!!! :celebrate I still prefer OC to CC...but, it's nice to know I don't have to constantly worry, especially if out I'm riding my motorcycle around town, whether or not I'm tucked. And I can now...
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    Hampton SGK Gun Show Jan 23

    imported post My wife and I will be going to the gun show next weekend and are looking to see if anybody wants to meet up at the gun show and then go to lunch at the Cracker Barrel at Power Plant and Mercury. We're planning on beingat the gun showwhen they open at 9. We'll probably head over...
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    My Faith is Restored

    imported post As a follow up to my post from yesterday, I recievedan emailfrom Sheriff Watson ashort time ago. I replied to him and extended an invitation to an open carry dinner in the near future to him and his wife . I will also, at this time, retract my statement about doing everything I...
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    How I spent my day today

    imported post I just got home from spending today trying to get my paperwork filed for my CHP...here is the end result, an email I sent to the Portsmouth City Council, the Clerk of the Court, and my Delegate and Senator in the GA: I am writing this email to express my complete disgust and...
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    Duty to Retreat?

    imported post I was at The Armory gun shop in Virginia Beach on Sunday with my wife and friends of ours. Friday night (Early Saturday morning)their house was broken into in Newport News while they were sleeping. Ironically, my wife and I were there till about 1:00 in the morning playing pool...
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    imported post I'm sure this will probably eventually be moved to one of the general categories...but, since I'm a Virginian (By choice...born and raised in Chicago and damn glad I'm out of that God forsaken liberal rat hole!) I'll ask here. With the scarcity/expense ofammo recently, I'm...
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    CHP - proof that the applicant has demonstrated competence

    imported post I know this site is dedicated to OC; but, I was hoping someone can answer a question about getitng my CHP. On the VA State Police Website, it says... "The court shall require proof that the applicant has demonstrated competence with a handgun and the applicant may demonstrate...