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    Good place to take CCW class?

    As I live in NW NV, I'll let others make recommendations for instructors in Clark County. Herein attached is the current NSCA Training Standards document. The attached document is available here: http://www.nvsca.com/ccw-training.php
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    Wave of gun carry deregulation sweeps USA

    [Forgive me if someone has already posted this.] Wave of gun carry deregulation sweeps USA July 28, 2015 2:56 PM MST There’s gun rights policy grid-lock in the nation’s capital, where the Administration keeps proposing restrictions on gun rights through executive action, and Congress...
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    Henderson handgun registration.

    NVFAC Ltr to Henderson City Council, June 24, 2013:
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    Bob Irwin has Resigned his NVFAC Board Position!

    Finally! Bob Irwin has resigned!
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    NRA Ltr to Sen Heller on opposition to Fed Court Judge Nominee Cadish

    NRA's April 25, 2012 letter to Senator Heller expressing appreciation for the Senator's principled opposition to Senator Reid's Fed Court Judge nominee, Elissa Cadish: http://www.stillwaterfirearms.org/ph...012_Cadish.pdf
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    Stillwater Firearms Steel Shoot Match

    And James placed second in C Class! Am so glad you came out - and shot. (I think we got you hooked!) More match pics here: http://www.stillwaterfirearms.org/phpnuke/modules.php?name=coppermine We frequently hear things like, "I like to shoot, but I've never competed." Well, thats the...
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    $10K to Settle OC Lawsuit in WI

    Read article here: http://www.gunauction.com/news/article/20120103-Wisconsin-Carry-wins-damages-from-Madison-police.cfm
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    NRA-ILA Grassroots Workshop, Nov 19, 2011

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    2nd Amendment Day in Fallon NV

    Today is 2nd Amendment Day in Fallon NV. In all fairness, the idea was inspired by Elko County Commissioner Warren Russel who plans to make an Elko County Proclamtion on October 19. See http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?95663-2nd-Amendment-Day-in-Elko-County Many thanks to...
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    Nevada has a New State Firearms Association!

    NEVADA HAS A NEW STATE FIREARMS ASSOCIATION! & LAS VEGAS GUN RIGHTS RALLY SCHEDULED At the September 17, 2011 Board of Director’s meeting of the National Rifle Association, the Board voted to designate the newly formed Nevada Firearms Coalition as the official NRA State Association. The...
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    AB-282 Omnibus bill

    Assembly Bill 282 In Conference Committee Take Action Now! May 30, 2011 Plagiarizing three bills that were introduced much earlier, Assembly Speaker John Oceguera’s (D-#16) Assembly Bill 282 seeks to: (1) ensure that Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit holders’ names and addresses...
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    AB-143 to be signed by Governor on June 3

    Got a call from Assemblyman David Bobzien's office inviting me to the Governor's signing ceremony for AB-143, scheduled for Friday, June3, 2011, at 2:30 p.m. Would LOVE to attend, but don't think I can miss work then. AB-143 will enact "Any Semi-auto" and "CCW Confidentiality." Attend if...
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    SB-231 Rally! Support Campus Carry!

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    2011 Legislation - What Can YOU Do?

    This is the notice I sent to our SFA membership: The 76th (2011) Legislative Session began February 7, 2011 and will end June 6, 2011. SFA’s Legislative Action Committee of unpaid lobbyists plans to attend/testify at every opportunity as feasible. But we need YOUR help. What can you do...
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    USPSA match, Fallon, January 16, 2011

    USPSA match, Fallon, January 16, 2011. http://www.stillwaterfirearms.org/Pages/USPSA.php Stages here: www.stillwaterfirearms.org/phpnuke/modules.php?name=coppermine&file=thumbnails&album=361 Also, SFA is becoming ICORE affiliated. On Saturday, January 15, we'll host an ICORE "style" match...
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    ICORE Style Match, Fallon, December 18, 2010

    Stillwater Firearms Association ICORE Style Match December 18, 2010 Match Location: SFA Shooting Range located Fallon, NV 3.5 miles north of Rattlesnake Raceway, entrance on Indian Lakes Road Registration 9:00 – 9:55 a.m. Mandatory Shooters Meeting and Safety Brief 10:00 a.m. Match...
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    Nra yes 2011

    I just sent this out. Sure hope you see it in your local paper!
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    Att'n Clark County Shooters - Co Commissioners Agenda

    Received via email: QUOTE Please take the time to respond to your County Commissioner, and/or Come to the Meeting to express your Opinion. SIRE Public Access - Published Meeting Viewer http://agenda.co.clark.nv.us/sirepub/pubmtgframe.aspx?meetid=634&doctype=agenda Attention Clark County...