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    Permit Training Requirement

    Does a hunter safety class meet the requirement?
  2. M

    AL - PA reciprocity

    Reading thru AL 's code for something else I found their recip section: Since PA will recognize anybody that recognizes ours, and it seems AL is exactly the same...unless I'm reading it wrong...why doesn't PA have recip with AL?
  3. M

    Application already dated ?

    I received the FL application and filled it out completely...fingerprints, notarization etc...back in Sept 2009. I didnt submit it as life came into play. If I was to send in this same app Sept 2010, would that be an issue?
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    Raising fees...again?

    imported post From CT Gun Rights dot com http://www.ctgunrights.com/03.Political/Cover%2029-30%20fees.pdf Sorry if this has already been brought up...but it looks like they plan on raising the fees again to $100???
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    Non Resident appying

    imported post So i've got the app all filled out, picture done and getting printed today. My question has to do with the picture. It specifically says not to attach the picture to the application. So...do i just drop it in the envelope and hope they don't lose it when they open the packet?
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    manuevering the forum

    imported post Not sure where else to post a question about the forum setup. I go into a thread, then i scroll down and read thru all the posts on Page 1 of that thread....unless i'm missing something....I then have to scroll all the way back up to the top to then go to page 2. Why arent there...
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    Must inform LEO

    imported post There's a very good chance we will be in NC in Dec visiting some friends. When it come to "must inform" i'm assuming that goes for all persons in the vehicle? In other words, if i am a passenger in the back of the friend's minivan I have to open the sliding door to inform LEO...