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  1. J

    Nevada CFP law violates federal law.

    Has anyone ever noticed that the law for a Nevada permit violates federal law (Section 7 of the Privacy Act) by requiring a SSN. Not only is it illegal but it's illegal for them to solicit you SSN without mentioning that it's voluntary. Has anyone ever pushed this issue? I remember...
  2. J

    Penalty for failing to disclose

    I'm trying to do research on disclosure laws? I remember when Ohio first passed shall issue, failure to disclose was a felony. What is the penalty now? I wasn't sure if it was downgraded or if the penalty was repealed. I looked in 2923.126; however, I don't see a penalty. Any help with a law...
  3. J

    Customs forms needed to bring firearms to/from USVI

    For anyone who has had to transport firearms to/from U.S. Virgin Islands. Do you need to declare them to U.S. Customs? I know when you leave the U.S. you need a CBP form 4457; however, being that the Virgin Islands is outside of the Customs territory, I wasn't sure if this was required or not...
  4. J

    Question about transporting firearms to/from Guam

    For anyone who has had to transport firearms to/from Guam. Do you need to declare them to U.S. Customs (CBP, not Guam's version of Customs)? I know when you leave the U.S. you need a CBP form 4457; however, being that Guam is outside of the Customs territory, I wasn't sure if this was required...
  5. J

    Open carry in the Detroit Casino's

    I don't ever remember this being discussed; however, it does not appear that the carrying of firearms can be completely prohibited at the Detroit casino's. 28.425o states... (2) An individual licensed under this act to carry a concealed pistol, or who is exempt from licensure under section...
  6. J

    When does the Wisconsin carry law go into effect.

    I've been searching everywhere online but I can't find when the bill will be effective. According to the WI rules, a bill has six business days to be signed into law or it becomes law unless vetoed. Walker claims he will sign the bill on July 8th; however, isn't the bill already law because the...
  7. J

    OC meet up 6/9, Down River Coney in Southgate

    I was thinking about organizing a open carry dinner in downriver. We've had them up by macomb and I'm thinking it would be a good idea to have one downriver. Thursday June 9th at 7PM. The owner of the Down River Coney is RKBA friendly and has no issues with open carry. The restaurant is CASH...
  8. J

    Non resident FID card

    From my understanding, you can not open carry without a FID card. I'm assuming you can OC in a vehicle??? This all begs the question of if Guam issues to non-residents? If so, can you apply by mail? I know concealed carry ID's are hard to get but are non-residents eligible? Their police...
  9. J

    Permit Images at www.handgunlaw.us

    Earlier, Gary Slider from www.handgunlaw.us was requesting permit images. He appreciates all that people have given him. Please keep in mind that he is missing some images, if any of you have missing images, he would appreciate copies of them. I understand that some may feel uncomfortable with...
  10. J

    Knife Preemption and carrying knives on a CPL.

    Many members of MOC who frequent this forum asked me for a bill draft for knife preemption. This is what I sent off to Rep Opsommer, Rep Meltzer, and Rep Jones. It does not cover everything I wanted to but it would put us in a much better position. Please contact your reps and the three listed...
  11. J

    South Dakota is NOT a gold star state

    I'm not sure if this has been pointed out or not on this site, but South Dakota is not a gold star state. I found these two sections of law. Is there any push to repeal these two sections of law. Can any SD resident please bring this to the attention of their rep and senator? Do NOT wait...
  12. J

    Witnessed the Open Carry Dance in VA Beach (positive encounter)

    imported post I was in Virginia Beach yesterday evening and I decided to eat at a place called Zero's on the main strip near the marriot by the beach. I walk in and order a small pizza and sit at the bar counter while I'm waiting to be called to pick up my order. 5 minutes goes by and I...
  13. J

    Great idea for applying for a permit

    imported post I was thinking about something and in a post heller world it's really not a bad idea. What if someone applied for a carry permit and when turned down they can state that their only option is to carry rifles and shotguns per their FID card (aka. Permit to carry rifles and...
  14. J

    Interesting thought on open carry

    imported post I had an interesting though on open carry inCalifornia. I'm thinking that it's pretty much illegal to open carry anywhere in the state without the open carry permit. Even in an unincorporated areais it not illegal to discharge a firearm inside abuilding occupied by the public...