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    Silver Eagle Group has lost my business forever!!!

    Tonight I took my date out to Silver Eagle Group in Loudoun to do some pistol shooting. She likes shooting so I figured that it would be a nice surprise. We walk in the door and begin to sign the forms to shoot since I had a gift certificate. The lady asked if we were both 21 and I said that I...
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    ODU is stepping up police presence, but what will that accomplish?

    I received this in my email today and just wanted to share with you all. They already have stepped up on campus police but the other night a student was robbed right in front of the library. Anyways here is the "attempt" at cutting down on crime. If you ask me, I think this is a good argument...
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    Should I have my barrel recrowned?

    imported post This is my 1911 barrel and I didn't notice this till last night when I was cleaning it. Should I get it recrowned? I have no idea how this happened. I baby the heck out of this gun. :?
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    CC/OC Holster for 1911 ultra carry?

    imported post I am having a really hard time finding the right holster for CC/OC. I have a Bianchi carrylok which is great for OC, but I can't conceal with it at all! I am 6ft 150lbs. I also have a smartcarry which is perfect for deep concealment of my 1911. They both serve a purpose, but I...
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    Email from ODU this morning

    imported post I received this email this morning from ODU. I go to that 7-11 all the time! It is a few blocks from my apt too. :shock: ODU Campus Safety Alert 10/30/09 Reply|Falck, Michelle M. The Norfolk Police Department has made us aware of two incidents involving...
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    College Football Games?

    imported post I brought this up at dinner and would like to discuss. I was at Virginia Tech for the BC game this past weekend. I OC'd a lot, but didn't carry to the BC game. I did notice on my way into the game a BIG sign stating no firearms and also that all persons are subject to search. How...
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    Drop leg for 1911

    imported post I have a Kimber ultra carry and am looking at ordering the Blackhawk drop leg holster. I am pretty sure that the ultra carry will fit despite it being a 3" barrel vs the 5". Thoughts? Thanks...
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    Traveling through campus

    imported post I AM a student at ODU. Please read the firearms policy for ODU and let me know what your interpretation is. I would just be carrying in my car going through campus on a public street. I don't think that would be considered campus correct? I'm not parking my car on campus either so...
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    CC without a permit in a commons?

    imported post Ok so I live in an apartment which consists of 4 rooms. Our apartment is in a commons which has many other apartments like ours. The commons is gated and all. My question to everyone would be can I CC on the grounds of the commons? As soon as I hit sidewalk I must OC, but to my...
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    Facebook poll

    imported post As of right now when I voted these are the numbers. would you support a nationwide handgun ban? yes 12,153 (6.5%) no 172,757 (92.7%) not sure...
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    My new truck holster

    imported post I think I am pretty much done with it. I made it so the holster actually slides in and out of a mount under the CB thus allowing the holster to be removed and hidden when parked. I also used a Blackhawk serpa holster to provide retention as it is a truck so it can get bumpy at...
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    Will a Glock 26 fit in a CTAC for a Glock 19?

    imported post Will a Glock 26 fit in a CTAC for a Glock 19? I currently have a Glock 19 and may be purchasing a Glock 26 soon. Will the 26 fit in the CTAC holster for a 19 snugly? Thanks!
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    Utah classes in NOVA?

    imported post Well I have 5 months left till I am 21 and it's time for me to sign up for a Utah class. I will be signing up my dad and I. I know proshooter has a couple classes at Bass Pro sometime soon but are there any that may be closer to NOVA? Thanks guys!
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    Convincing the parents

    imported post Ok this might as well be a thread. It's no secret that I have been OCing around Hampton Roads lately and have not told my parents. They in fact told me NOT to OC. So next week when I get home from college I plan to ovewhelm them with statistics and evidence and why I should carry...
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    Looking for a holster

    imported post Ok I turn 21 in 6 months and I am OCing more now. I am looking at ordering the CTAC or MTAC holster and would like to hear what your opinions are. I feel like the CTAC might work out better for me since I have a thin frame(6ft 150lbs). Personal experiences with the holsters? I...
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    Hampton gun show?

    imported post Who's going? I am thinking about going and browsing. I am just deciding whether or not I really want to fight through the "obama scare" crowd.:banghead: EDIT: I know I spelled Hampton wrong :?
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    SCCC April 20-24th empty holster

    imported post Ok so the week is fast approaching and I will be wearing my Blackhawk Serpa to every class that week. I would like to hand out info cards on open carry and concealed carry. Can anyone give me a link to a good handout that I can use. I would like to educate students on their right...
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    My car holster!!!

    imported post Well I got bored and made a car holster for 30 bucks today:celebrateIt is easy to draw from and in plain sight. Let me know what you all think:)
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    Maine reciprocity?

    imported post Have there been any updates on the progress with Maine reciprocity? I know that VCDL was talking a little about it last year but I haven't heard anything about it in a while. Thanks
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    Federal Government Carry

    imported post I remember something from a while back but can't seem to remember exactly what it was. Who in the US Government can carry into DC besides secret service, police, and military? Just a question that has been on my mind for a while.