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    Tennessee Patriot Published An Article I Wrote

    The second issue of the Tennessee Patriot came out this month with an article I wrote concerning what I thought were the real fears of the anti-gunners regarding "The Return of the Old Wild West." The entire publication can be viewed in PDF format at www.tennesseepatriot.net (use the "quarterly...
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    "How do you get away with that?"

    imported post Last weekend I ran up to the McDonals at exit 143 on I-40 to get a bite to eat. Just as I was getting out of my truck to go in anotehr gentlman was walking to his car, which I had parked next to. He spotted my SA.45 revolver in it's cross draw holster on my belt and got a...
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    imported post Does anyone know who this National Association of Gun Rights (NAGR)is? I'm wondering if they are legitimate. I signed up to recieve email notices from them. It seems that when they send out alerts, the news is weeks, sonetimes months old. Just got an alert tonight concerning the...
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    Wal*Mart shooting - Commerce Texas

    imported post There should be more to come out about this story that ocurred today. No details about the gunman in this report. http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local-beat/One-Dead-One-Injured-in-Walmart-Shooting-86760422.html
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    Pilot Travel Center

    imported post I had an interesting experience a few nights ago at the Pilot Travel Center off I-40 Exit 143. I've stopped in there quite a few times since I started carrying OC without any issues with anyone there. The other night I stopped in to grab a Dew and snack. I was carrying my SA.45LC...
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    I got to educate a Deputy....

    imported post Ran into one of our local sheriffs deputies last night andhad a friendly chit chat. He turned out to be very pro-2A and not at all concerned with OC. We talked guns and stuff quite a bit. Anyway, during the course of ourconversation itwas revealed that he didn't know that a HCP...
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    Taurus PT25

    imported post My bosses wife just bought herslf a Taurus PT25 semi-auto that is a top break . She was picking up a shotgun for a christmas present for some oneelse and the dealer had this little pistol that she liked. I've never seen one like this. Appears to be a DA only and the barrel rotates...
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    Nashville Metro Re-considering Guns in Some City Parks

    imported post Heard about this on 99.7wtn radio. Metro may be changing their parks gun rulings in some isolated metro parks. http://www.997wtn.com/News/NewsArticle/tabid/246/Default.aspx?contentId=5076091&featureGroupId=12324
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    Rush Limbaugh comments about "gun control".

    imported post Rush Limbaugh has a few words to say in regards to the anti's calling for more gun control, after the Ft Hood Shooting. http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_110909/content/01125113.guest.html
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    No More Checks On Siezed Guns

    imported post Snip style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #f8f8f8"http://www.theunionleader.com/article.aspx?headline=No+more+checks+on+seized+firearms&articleId=e0d5f6f8-a962-4c05-83c2-c768a752928f
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    Scope tech question

    imported post I was looking at scopes for my M1 carbine. I noticed in the listing of techdescription a term I'm not familiar with. What is M.O.A. in regards to elevation/windage adjustment? Example: 1/4 M.O.A. @ 100 yards
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    Recon mission for Montana members

    imported post This is a strange story about an obscure company called "American Police Force" that has taken over a new never used jail facility located in Hardin, Montana. They also seem to have taken over the local police dept, that hasn't existed in 30 years. Something seems fishy about...
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    AmTrak underfire from US Senate

    imported post This is a rather biased anti-gun editorial concerning the Senates cutting of subsidies to Amtrak if the rail service doesn't start letting passengers transport fireams in checked luggage, like the air carriers do. 27 Democrats, 1 Independant voted with all 40 Republicans in favor...
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    .45LC brass available

    imported post I've got a little over 300 once fired .45 Long Colt casings if anyone needs brass for reloading. All are in the boxes they came in when loaded. I don't have the equipment or experience to reload myself.
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    NY Mom Charged After Posing Kids with Guns

    imported post What the keck is up with this? Does anyone in NY have more details about this? http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2009/09/05/us/AP-US-Armed-Kids-Photographed.html?_r=1
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    Crunching some numbers

    imported post Just out of curiosity I did some numbers crunching to get an idea of the ratio of HCP holders to county population. I started with my home county Perry. And then did Davidson and Shelby Counties just to compare. Perry County - Pop est 7,800 as of 2008 Approx. 5850 over 21 As of...
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    Ruger Blackhawk .357 ?

    imported post A neighbor lady has a Ruger Blackhawk .357 that I cleaned for her. I noticed that it had magnum wad cutters in it before I started. The barrel had .357 cal stamped onit, but not magnum. I went online and checked the serial number against Ruger's reference page. This revolver turns...
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    OC at Town hall meeting

    imported post US Rep Marsha Blackburn held a town hall meeting in Linden Saturday morning and I attended OC'ing my CZ82. No one seemed to notice or have a reaction about it. There were no LE in attendence. It wasn't a terribly large crowd, since it was rather short notice about the event...
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    The Tennessean censors truth

    imported post I was in several debates with teh anti-gun crowd over at The Tennessean.com and i guess they didn't like getting the light of truth shined in their faces over there. They started deleting my comments now. The anti-gunners can call HCP holders every name in the book and sling some...
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    CZ 52 holster options

    imported post My boss was checking out some of the holster he had with a CZ 52. He found that the CZ fits perfectly in a Kydex (?) holster he has for his Berretta 92FS and a Fobus holster he has for his S&W .40. The Fobus had a number that may be the model, C-21. The CZ52 fitsnug with no...