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    Still have family in Mo. And will visit soon. Have not kept up to date on the new laws. Are buses and trains still a no go?
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    Midway USA not OC friendly?

    From todays FB post. MidwayUSA 51 mins · Ok, so this is my first post for ‪#‎ThrowbackThursday‬. During the gun shop days of 1977-84, we had lots of folks bringing guns in the front door - for sale, trade or minor gunsmithing. Standing behind the counter, we'd first move left or right (if...
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    Open carry on the strip and make a quick 100 bucks

    This CCW instructor on NV shooters http://www.nevadashooters.com/showthread.php?p=543319&posted=1#post543319 seems to think you will go to jail or die if you OC. So go OC take a pic and take his money.
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    Great help and training from Mac702

    Mac has been amazing at helping me with some training. He also has been helpful to my wife as she gets set up for some competition. We give him some money even take they guy out to lunch. He is easy going and full of knowledge and patience. He also has held a ccw class at our home, that we...
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    Nevada has a gun owner PAC now

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    Now have you had enough of the Nevada Firearms coalition

    This is horrible. http://www.8newsnow.com/story/24177124/weekend-shooting-raises-questions-about-gun-ownership So now they are training gun store counter people to profile us? It is no one business how I store my firearms. How does this relate to OC? Because the slippery slope then leads...
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    We have carry issues on Freemont street it seems.

    http://www.ktnv.com/news/local/New-curfew-goes-into-effect-beginning-today-226447581.html Las Vegas police are planning on setting up barricades and will be out in force. In addition to requiring identification, no weapons of any kind will be allowed along with no packaged liquor, no backpacks...
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    Nevada Firearms Coalition Screws up again

    Just got a email about the Rock the 2nd event at something called the Wild Fest. Come celebrate our rights it says. Well it turns out the Fest doesn't respect our rights. The link below is from the event web page. Before I looked at it I emailed them and the Rock the 2nd organizers asking if we...
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    Travel through OK with valid permit. Car questions.

    We are coming through on our way to MO. I have been reading the laws but am confused. We have valid permits in OK. Is it legal to have it on me and loaded in the car? Also if I have other unloaded pistols in the car do they or the container have to be in plain sight? The handgun law site has me...
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    If you need a CCW class. Cal MAC702

    Call MAC702 from this forum. We hosted a class of 12 of our co workers. MAC lays it all out better than anyone I have ever had a class from. He answers any question no matter how wacky they may be. He spent time during break answering questions, stayed late doing the same.
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    Heads up on the Range 702

    For te last 2 months we have enjoyed using this new range. Last weel we went in and was told after we paid that there was a new policy on picking up brass. They no longer allow it. I emailed them to get a answer as this new rule was not posted. Here is the response. We will not be going back. As...
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    Bob Irwin Screws us again.

    This guy is of ZERO help to us. I gave him the benefit of the doubt but no more. With this stuff coming out of his mouth we will never have the blue card repealed. http://www.8newsnow.com/story/20367470/gun-store-owner-says-assault-rifles-easier-to-buy-than-handguns
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    Hey here is one CC instructor I would never use

    Kurt Gepke. Says we are dopes. Quote" For you dopes from Opencarry.org who go on your OC parties and visit the Fremont St. Experience, you may be asking for trouble. IIRC, the mayor preceding Oscar was able to have that area of downtown Las Vegas declared a "city park". Not positive on that...
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    How can local gun folks be so anti?

    A thread about the ccsp just really turned ugly over there. I think I am through with that bunch.
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    More Library issues

    This is from a thread on the other forum. The letter is almost identical to the one I got a while back. They need to understand the NRS is CC only and the preemption. September 25, 2012 Russell Duren [address] [address] Dear Mr. Duren: Your letter dated September 12, 2012 was referred to me...
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    Henderson friends of the nra dinner issue

    I contacted Mike Davis and simply asked about carry, not open carry. This was the response and mine back. From: "Davis, Mike" <MDavis@nrahq.org> To: XXXXXXX@yahoo.com> Sent: Tuesday, September 4, 2012 1:46 PM Subject: Re: SNEAK PEEK @ NRA GUNS - Henderson Friends of NRA 9.27.12 I respect...
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    Lock and load is pro open carry.

    Please see the edited thread about them. Ron has posted the sign is coming down now.
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    This guy may be of some help on the park issue.

    http://www.lvrj.com/opinion/the-intransigence-of-petty-gun-hating-tyrants-156888165.html Towards the end Vin mentions parks. I think we need to see if we can have a sit down with him and maybe get some coverage about the TBG work in Henderson. And discuss what he could do media wise for us in...
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    John Ralston and sheriff tonite sent a note. ralston is a idiot it seems.

    Sent this to him. Please ask him how many crimes have been solved by the GunBlue Card. How much money and man power does it cost the taxpayers? Why will he not release any of this info? Got this reply It's a state law. Call a legislator. email him at Jon Ralston <ralstonflash@gmail.com>
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    Scratch another gun business off the friendly list

    These are wonderful folks. They have relented this position. From the other gun forum here in the state. The question was Should NV have Constitutional carry? And the response from a vendor below...Until they can show that they indeed vote yes, then in my book they are a anti. I didn't...