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    My new toy, have not went OC with it yet...

    My first form 1 build, very quiet with subsonic ammo, and accurate as well
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    I WAS working the polling station untill about 30 min ago OC related

    I am an Officer of Election, here in Gloucester County. I showed up at 5am this morning set up the Electronic Polling Books, and we were ready to go by 5:56am. Just before the front door to the Abington Ruritan Club was unlocked to recieve voters, our Deputy chief noticed my holstered kel-tec...
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    Why the Virginia FFA?

    Hey everybody, so while I was washing dishes today, I was mulling over the fact, that the Va. Firearms Freedom Act, keeps getting killed before it even reaches the floor of the GA. Then I thought of a potential solution. Why not change the FFA to the Virginia Intrastate Commerce Freedom Act...
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    OC with form 1 supressor

    Ok so I just sent in my form 1 application, to construct a 9mm supressor. So sometime next year when it gets approved,lol, and I can actually build it, could I just holster it on my weapon and go out for a stroll? Mine is only going to be 3.6 inches long and 1 inch diameter, so it will be low...
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    Gotta love kids...

    The other day my son is playing with lego's. He then comes up to me, and shows me his "helicopter" he made; and proceeds to tell me that his helicopter is the "leader of his US Army and rules over his entire lego country. To which I reply, "Well son, having the military control the civilian...
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    So I went to the York County YMCA last night...

    Around 7:45 last night my family and I went to the YMCA in York County and I was Virginia tuckin my P11. We stood in line at the check in desk for a few minutes, waiting to scan our membership cards. Then we went to the Family locker room as we have been doing since 2008,during which I have...
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    Pimpin the VCDL on stage last week!

    My band got to open up for Powerman 5000 last thursday, a photographer got a good shot of my kit with my VCDL stickers! I was CC at the time, since the PM5K security probably would not have liked to see my weapon so close to their clients,lol. And yes I play while carrying on stage.
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    I'm headed to the Road kill cook off next month

    I'm gonna rent a cabin in Watoga SP for the weekend, anything I need to be weary of?
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    My van got tagged by an anti today!

    My wife went to the Wal mart in York County today and when she came out, my son noticed "a piece of trash on the van". Some anti anti had stuck a hand written note behind my GSL magnet. It read " Tell that to the two people killed in Newport News last week". She brought it home to me and we had...
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    rockin out with a VCDL sticker on stage, last week.

    I was CC at the time, though. No negative comments from any other bands or show attendees.
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    Mariner's Museum

    imported post I gotta go there tonight, just trying to get a heads up. Is it private or public owned?
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    Ever OC at the twion Pins. bowling ally?

    imported post So one of my friends is having their kids BD party there, and it is close to the naval weapons station, andI did not know if it wasby chance an extension of the naval facility/federal facility?
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    Nissan Pavillion in Bristow

    imported post I know it has a company name to it, but was it built with tax dollars and partially owned by the local gov.? There isan Iron Maiden concert I want to attend, and was wondering if carry there was OK.
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    in state firearm transfer

    imported post Hey all, is it legal to ship a private firearm to another va. citizen "in state" without using an ffl? I think it is, but not really sure who to ask, I know don't call the police, they will probably lie.:(
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    Not in USA but relevant

    imported post http://www.nationalpost.com/news/story.html?id=2965106
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    Almost drew my weapon today!

    imported post Ok so let's set the back ground for this tale... Last year I had my house raised up 4.5 feet, to get out of the flood plane, and that project was partially funded by FEMA. This project was completed last July. I also live in a rural area on 16 acres. My house sits 45 yards from...
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    Just goes to show...

    imported post I can't believe my fellow Americans, would do this:X http://www.aolnews.com/nation/article/kitty-genovese-2010-people-walked-by-hugo-alfredo-tale-yax-as-he-lay-dying/19454372
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    Who needs to carry a gun in Maryland

    imported post http://www.aolnews.com/crime/article/police-beating-of-u-of-maryland-student-caught-on-video/19437356
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    Shots fired on Jefferson in Newport news this afternoon

    imported post http://www.dailypress.com/news/dp-local-shots-fired-0323,0,539136.story
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    New article on Starbuck, Pro-freedom policy

    imported post http://www.aolnews.com/article/gun-fans-cheer-starbucks-policy/19377082