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    Warning!! Watch out for certain e-mails!!

    imported post With a name like that, I really have to wonder.... and after finding other info on the web, I wanted to share with others... Iwasn't sure where to post this. I have gotten 2 email recently with the title of "Stolen Guns Hurt Everyone". And, they offer to sound very well in...
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    Soon be able to Conceal Carry on Nebraska National Parks

    imported post 9 months after President Obama signed the Credit Card Restructuring Bill, which included a pro gun amendment that allowed citizens of the U.S. to carry a concealed and loaded weapon onto National Parks and Wildlife Refugees, which will be Feb 22, 2010, one will be able to carry...
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    Shooting Michigan Wild hogs

    imported post Just a quick question. Can one shoot a feral hog that is invasive in Michigan, if one does not have a Michigan hunting license? What if it is on your own place? Don't run over here expecting to shoot a hog, just wondering that question. I carry all the time around on my place and...
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    Obsession DVD about Radical Islam

    imported post I received a DVD in the mail the other day, as well did some of my friends, named "Obsession Radical Islam's war against the west". My wife and I watched it and it affirmed my desire to get my CPL and to make sure that we try to vote for someone in office that protects our Second...
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    Reciprocity with Michigan

    imported post It would be nice if Nebraska had reciprocity with Michigan in the Concealed Weapon (Pistol) License. Since Michigan is very structured in their requirement for pistol safety training and use and the qualifications needed, it looks like there wold be little problem getting to carry...
  6. D

    Open carry badge?

    imported post Why couldn't a badge be made that could clip on to your belt next to your handgun that had the Michigan Open Carry emblem on it? I know when I had mygun in my holster and my Sheriff's Officebadge, there was little worry from thecitizens about my weapon. Perhaps few would...
  7. D

    Open carry on a motorcycle?

    imported post What if you have a pistol in a holster and T shirt tucked in so the pistol is well exposed to any to see and you get on a motorcycle? Technically, there is nothing on the motorcycle to conceal the pistol from view. Notwithstanding you put a lether jacket over the top of it, and...
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    New from Fennville..rural Fennville

    imported post I'm near the Glenn exit, and moved out here in 1999. Looking forward to getting a CPL someday. I think the need is righteous. I look forward to info her on this site and others, as I have recently gotten back into shooting a pistol. I've shot since I was 8 years old, growing up on...