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    John Pierce on Tim Conway's show, KFI 640 AM

    imported post He'll probably only be on for another 15 minutes. Check it out. http://www.kfiam640.com/main.html
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    Ammo spotted in San Diego...

    imported post I found some ammo in San Diego this afternoon. Discount Gun Mart down near Mission Bay has quite a bit: piles of .40 S&W, some boxes of .45 ACP (WWB), .308, .223, .38 Special, 7.62x39, 9mm, etc. The prices were 25-50% above what you would expect to pay at Wal-Mart, but isn't that...
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    San Diego Open Carry event is finally noticed by the media

    imported post http://www.kpbs.org/news/local;id=14132 SD Police Fear Growing Number of Activists Carrying Guns Openly Mar 17, 2009 Amita Sharma San Diego police fear there may be a growing number of gun activists who want to carry their weapons openly. The trend is part of a national...
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    Mulvaney's Wagon Wheel Restaraunt in Santee

    imported post The NRA Members Council meets there the second Wednesday of every month. The restaurant lets us use their banquet room at no charge. Many of us eat dinner there before and during the meeting, but there is no requirement to buy anything. I spoke with one of the owners and she has...
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    Open Carry on Public Transportation?

    imported post I have not seen this issue addressed here yet. Are there any laws prohibiting the Unloaded Open Carry of firearms on public transportation?
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    Flintlock Tom goes UOC in San Diego

    imported post So I decided it was time. Springfield Armory 1911 A1, GI model in a Serpa Blackhawk holster and two loaded mags in a SafariLand double leather pouch. Holster on the right, mags on the left. Mrs. Flintlock and I went to the Costco in Mission Valley this morning. Digital voice...