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    Gun Show 12/27 and 12/28 in Fishersville

    imported post I went to the gun show at Augusta Expo today. Lots of vendors and it was PACKED with shoppers. There were not a whole lot of bargains to be had. I did pick u a new .410 double barrel and a .38 double barrel derringer. I will go back tomorrow with a friend and his son. The most...
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    Cville OC (Charlottesville)

    imported post Open carry in the 7-11 on Greenbrier. Went in , got my Super Big GUlp at lunch time. Store was full, no comments cute Indian girl working the counter who likes to flirt. No comments , not even a :what:. Woodbrooks Sports, no problem there DUH. Stopped and got gas at the Exxon on...
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    Interesting trip to the gun shop

    imported post I was at Woodbrook Sports in Charlottesville picking up prizes for our local fire department raffle. One of the local middle school band boosters is raffleing off a Kimber .45 pistol. I was kind of surprised, but since they were $5 tickets, I went ahead and bought a couple. I...
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    Legislative Survey

    imported post Got a survey in the mail today from Delegate Watkins Abbitt. He had several questions about 2A. Am definately filling that out and getting it back to him. His area is a rural area and most of his people should be pro 2A. Is there anyone else out there who got this survey? Goliath
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    Open Carry Lynchburg Area

    imported post Open carried this morning at Home Depot in Lynchburg and Lowes in Madison Heights. No problems at either one. Did get a long look from the cashier as I left. Maybe it is my charming personality and rugged good looks. Also OCed at Hardees in Amherst and Madison Heights. No I...
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    Another person Educated

    imported post Was on my way to work tonight and stopped by the store. I was carrying my .45 in a paddle holster. One of the fire fighters from another dept. was there and asked about it. He then asked "do they ever ask for your license?" I talked with him for a few minutes about the law in...
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    C'ville OC meet

    imported post Anyone in the Charlottesville area up for a meet at a restaurant for dinner sometime? Goliath
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    Rock Island Armory

    imported post Anyone have an experience with Rock Island Armory firearms? I saw one in the gun store the other day and it looked decent and the price was good. I see that G&A used one in a test of four .45s and it performed well. Anyone here have any first hand experience with it? Goliath