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    Kansas - Gold Star College Carry July 1st, 2017

    Kanas is the first state in the union to authorize Constitutional carry on all state colleges for 21 & above July 1st please update map
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    Please update maps specifically GOLD STAR states & permit-less carry

    Legislatures are working on the 16-17 agenda and rely on your maps for information In additional to the individual state legislatures, updating maps shows appreciation to all the people on this site who you’ve inspired to improve and protect our gun laws I’ve said this before our maps are a...
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    KSRA Alert **Urgent***

    Dear KSRA Members and Other Interested Parties: ***URGENT CALL TO ACTION*** Time is short in the session so if action is not taken all of the KSRA legislation will die this year We are asking you to call or email TODAY the office of Senator Ralph Ostmeyer, Chairman of the Senate Federal &...
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    KSRA Alert 2/11/2016 Time Sensitive

    ACTION NEEDED Senate substitute for SB 65 is on General Orders today in the Senate. The Senate will convene at 2:30 pm. Contact your Senator by email or phone and politely encourage them to SUPPORT Senate Substitute for SB 65 in its current form without any amendments to delay full...
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    KSRA Official Statement Campus Carry

    Dear KSRA Members and Other Interested Parties: Official Statement RE: Campus carry and policies related to the buildings on state college and university campuses. The Kansas State Rifle Association officially: 1. fully and completely supports and fights for the fundamental and...
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    Johnson County CC Town Hall meeting CC

    Greetings: Wednesday November 11th, 2015 at Johnson County Community College room COM 156 beginning at 12 noon there will be a Town Hall meeting to discuss the upcoming concealed carry on campus that will take effect 7/1/2017 Guests are welcome to attend and everyone will be able to speak but...
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    Please update KS & Maine constitutional carry map

    People all over America rely on your maps. Please update. You Have inspired lots of people to expand open carry please spend some time updating your maps!
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    Can Opencarry.org please update all their maps?

    Can Opencarry.org please update all their maps? With the upcoming legislative session pro-second amendment advocates and legislators use your maps as a great resource. I can tell you from personal experience opencarry.org’s maps really helped the KS legislature gain an easy understanding of...
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    Topeka KS Constitutional Carry Poll KSNT TV

    after clicking on the poll scroll down a little on the right side of the page http://ksnt.com/ were behind in the poll
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    New Alert SB45 (Constitutional Carry) from KSRA

    President of the Kansas State Rifle Association Patricia Stoneking just posted this alert on Facebook. she is requesting people give a respectful call to these two Legislators and urge them to support SB45. they are both in the committee that will vote on the bill tomorrow morning 3/17/2015 I...
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    Young Kid Suspended for Spent Casing

    This is wrong! A student should not be suspended for a spent shell casing. I would have brought it to show and tell. This shouldn’t happen in KS. http://www.chanute.com/news/article_be4861c0-80c5-11e4-9433-0b2d9486f3e8.html
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    19 yr old KS Resident could get a Missouri permit and Carry Concealed in KS!

    a person must be 21 to get a KS CCL permit The interesting thing about Missouri lowering the age to 19 is that a 19 year old who lives and resides in Kansas can get a Missouri permit and conceal carry in Kansas since we accept all 50 states permits. Hopefully Kansas will now lower our age to...
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    President KSRA Patricia Stoneking to speak in Topeka Thursday August 14th

    Event has been cancelled President of the Kansas State Rifle Association Patricia Stoneking, will be speaking in Topeka Thursday evening August 14th 6:00pm at the Golden Corral on Wanamaker Rd located in front Wal-Mart. This is an informational meeting concerning new changes to the open carry...
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    Kansas is a Gold Star Open Carry State 7/1/2014!!!

    With the signing of HB2578 Kansas will become the next Gold Star open carry state effective 7/1/2014 https://governor.ks.gov/media-room/media-releases/2014/04/23/governor-sam-brownback-signs-four-bills-into-law complete preemption on foot and vehicles
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    Action Alert HB 2473

    Please click on this action alert by the KS Libertarian Party link and contact your legislature in the KS State House and respectfully ask them to support HB 2473. http://us1.campaign-archive2.com/?u=c2a277216fecf459b963bb944&id=1aa4bdd06c&e=152421b0bd House roster...
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    Kansas A Gold Star Open Carry State?

    Below is an overview of new legislation that will be submitted in the 2014 Kansas Legislature. This was posted by President of the Kansas State Rifle Association Patricia Stoneking. pay attention to #2. Actual bill and number will be published next week. Stay tuned!! **LEGISLATIVE NEWS**...
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    Topeka Open Carry Ban in Cars pulled from Agenda!

    Hey Everyone! Open carry ban has been pulled from the agenda!!!!!!!!!! Right when I signed up the 14th person to speak at the upcoming city council meeting that is when things changed. I literally just got a call from the city attorney and they have pulled the open carry ban from the...
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    Topeka considers BANNING Open Carry in Vehicles

    Topeka Capital Journal http://cjonline.com/news/2013-11-05/city-reconsidering-allowing-loaded-guns-cars