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    Carnival of Cordite #79 Up!

    imported post Another version is up for you enjoyment! http://www.spankthatdonkey.com/spankthatdonkey2/2006/11/5/carnival-of-cordite-79.html
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    Allen vs. Webb

    imported post Allens Web site: The issues http://www.georgeallen.com/site/c.hgITL5PKJtH/b.1466187/k.C8FA/Issues.htm Webb's http://www.webbforsenate.com/issues/ Maybe I am missing something here, but I can not find where Webb even broaches the subject of 2A? pssst.. he doesn't want the...
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    Carnival of Cordite #78

    imported post Almost forgot to post this! http://www.spankthatdonkey.com/spankthatdonkey2/2006/10/30/carnival-of-cordite-78.html
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    Carnival of Cordite #77 is up

    imported post Got some good stuff this week, I thank yor gonna nnjoy! http://www.spankthatdonkey.com/spankthatdonkey2/2006/10/20/carnival-of-cordite-77-wh-tributes-to-jeff-cooper.html
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    Carnival of Cordite "Spirit of 76' Edition

    imported post Ladies and Gentleman of Open Carry, I do not know how many of you are familiar with the Carnival of Cordite, but it is a collection of some of the best Gun Bloggers in the USA. Give the recent carnival a look see, and check out the gunny goodness :)...