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    Funny thing after the election.

    My wife has asked me about purchasing another gun for "home defense". I think she may be considering carrying on her own! WOOOHOO!
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    Natural bridge is anti gun?

    I tried searching first. But not knowing whether or not Natural Bridge is State or Federal property and what their gun policy is. I decided to write them. The responce I got was not very nice. I asked for their rules first and I was met with "What rules inprticular". I gave an example of things...
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    My dog is in the same club as Zues.

    Out walking Magnolia and about a quarter of a mile from my driveway she was bit by a copperhead. Got her right on her left lip. Poor girl, jumped 4' in the air! Probably sniffed it because she thought it was a stick! Well this stick bit back! Had to run her to the vet, and she's on a anti-biotic...
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    Who needs a gun when selling a car?

    http://www.nbc12.com/story/19395895/man-selling-car-robbed-at-gunpoint-on-southside Just goes to show you never know when you'll need to defend yourself...
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    Red Robin anti 2A?

    So I was in Red Robin in Short Pump today. Getting my birthday meal with my son who was getting his own birthday meal with the rest of the family. When the assistant manager comes and asks me if I'm a LEO. Being the honest citizen that I am I told her I'm a LAC and I carry to protect my family...
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    Anyone OC at the DMV?

    I'm assuming its okay since I dont remember seeing it expressly prohibited. But its always good to double check.
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    Anyone doing breakfast this weekend?

    I was thinking about coming out for breakfast this week. But haven't seen the posting of where it will be this week. What about River city diner on W. Huguenot Rd. around 9am. Anyone game? I'll just be coming in for coffee and socializing. I'll have my four kids with me. Let me know.
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    New gun shop in Goochland?

    I was driving through Goochland courthouse and saw a new sign up on one of the buildings. It was called Brothers N' Arms and had pistols on either side of the name. So is this a new gun shop coming to my neck of the woods? I tried looking up any information online, but came up empty. Anyone have...
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    University of Richmond

    I have to be on campus at the University of Richmond this month. Its part of volunteer work I'm doing. I searched their web-site and didn't come up with anything stating you can not carry there. Does anyone know if it is against their rules? Please post the link here to that information if you...
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    My first Oh, crap moment!

    Outside taking care of my chickens at about 9pm last night. Almost finished when I heard something big fall down in the woods. I sounded like it fell out of a tree or something. But by the time I heard it I had my gun in my hand and pointing in the direction of the sound. I never got a glimpse...
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    Mississippi murderer posing as a cop?

    http://gma.yahoo.com/mississippi-highway-murders-killer-posing-cop-123452662--abc-news-topstories.html This has to be a tough situation to be in. You think you're getting pulled over by a cop and what do you do when he draws down on you?
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    Anyone going to the gun and knife show in Richmond?

    Looking for anyone going to the gun and knife show this weekend. I have to pick up a few things and wondered if I would or could meet anyone there? I'll be driving from Powhatan from the show if anyone along the way needs a ride. Let me know!
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    OCDO viral or television commercials?

    Has anyone ever thought about doing a OCDO viral or television commercial to promote what we believe in? I had some hilarious and serious ideas for a series of commercials showcasing why open carry is a good thing. They would be a 30 second spot at most and would all end with "Guns save lives"...
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    Going to be in Carytown Saturday 4-21-2012

    If there are going to be any other OC'ers out tomorrow in Carytown and Maymont let me know. If you see me, come say hi. My wifes aunt and Uncle are coming into town and were talking them around Richmond.
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    Who needs to sleep with a gun by the bed?

    Always remember...
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    My welcome thread!

    I didn't see a welcome forum and so if there is one, please admin., move it there. I am very happy to have found this site! It has given me the knowledge and confidence to open carry. Thank you for putting this site together and all the people who have contributed information and knowledge so...