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  1. E

    Lehman caves

    They may well be rabid, too. MAC provided an artist's rendering of an actual rabbit bat; I have something else of interest. Government archaeologists have found a rather interesting, primitive petroglyph on a wall inside Lehman Cave (as a side note, Lehman is an Egyptian word meaning, bat who...
  2. E

    Continuum of Force

    When I was going through the Reserve Police Officer Academy in California in the 80's, one of the subjects we were taught was the continuum of force; probably more commonly known as the appropriate level of force to be used depending on the threat faced at the time. The basic premise was that...
  3. E

    Open Carry Experience

    Hi all! May name is Ed. I am new to posting on the forum (though I have been a lurker for quite some time). I had my first open carry experience this last weekend. I was returning from a Thanksgiving visit to my folks in Cheyenne,WY. I open carried my Kahr P-9. I felt very comfortable with it...