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  1. K

    Earlington Ky 42410 ATV area NO Weapons

    ** TICKETS PURCHASED, NO BAN LISTED IN RULES DUE TO "FALL OUT" FROM LAST YEAR.** I have not verified this, but will do so tomorrow when I purchase tickets for the weekend. I have been told by a reliable source that the rules say no guns allowed either OC or CC in the ATV park. The only local...
  2. K

    Head Phones while drive and or riding a bus

    Im looking for the law that says I can not wear head phones while driving. I've looked and looked and looked. I thought maybe some of you who know the KRS's better than me might be able to point me in the right direction. I have been told its not only un-lawful to drive with head phones one, ( I...
  3. K

    OC saves a life...

    Standing in a bow shop in Ownesboro ky last weekend, a young man with a wild look in his eyes and a gun tucked into the front of his shorts came into the bow shop. He pushed the door open hard and wide, caught all of our attention. He put his hand on the handle of the weapon as his eyes focused...
  4. K

    Concealed Carry Permit

    I'm looking for some one in the western ky area, as close to Madisonville as I can get to teach the class. I have at least one who needs a permit, maybe two. Once there is notice of a class, I may be able to round up a few more. One might find there is a real need for a class pretty often. I've...
  5. K

    Where is the Madisonville OCers?

    imported post Madisonville had main street live today, I OC'd all around, looked for others. Didnt find a single soul.... : ( Would have been a great place to hang out. No worries, I didnt know about it till today either though, so I couldnt have invited anyone... Once I get settled in, we...
  6. K

    Madisonville Ky City Police says "NO OCING!"

    imported post I have a friend that wants to OC. Being the cautious type he is, he asked a city police officer if it was legal to OC. The police officer told him absolutely NOT! Went on to say that if he seen anyone OCing that he/she would immediately be arrested! Not only that, but told him it...
  7. K

    South Carolina, ... WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!

    imported post "The Raw Story reports that terrorists who want to overthrow the United States government must now register with South Carolina's Secretary of State and declare their intentions — or face a $25,000 fine and up to 10 years in prison. The 'Subversive Activities Registration Act'...
  8. K

    Wlextv main page

    imported post Here we go again.... I've already had 3 people come up to me talking about all the armed robbery's, with the mentality of "we gotta do something about all these gun!" Why cant it be "we gotta do something about all these robbers?" If you look on the web site, and listen to the...
  9. K

    opencarry home page

    imported post On the home page there is a video from a year ago, a soccer mom. Does anyone know what happened in that case? Did she actually win? Her CC permit was revoked? WTH? Anyway we can find more info on that case?
  10. K

    western ky

    imported post Is there anything breakfast group, or a group that get together in western ky? My brother lives near Madisionville, and is very interested in open carry. He doesnt have a computer, so I figured I'd ask, and try to see whats available over there for him.
  11. K

    Open carry in Lawrenceburg today

    imported post I went to the local walmart with my family, got a few people looking oddly, but nothing was said. I really wasnt there long though. Son changed his mind, and I got what I needed.... Went to movie gallery as well. I was in there for a long time with my family, absolutely nothing...
  12. K

    HELLO! Newmember!

    imported post I'm a new member, but not new to this forum. I've been reading it for a long time now, and feel like I know a few of you! I'm living in Lawrenceburg, love my guns, practice every chance I get! Just wanted to say hello, and I'll just keep reading. KL