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    John R. Lott, Jr., CPRSC. Should schools have teachers carry guns? AAHB Health Behavior Research December 2018

    If one is going to use a firearm as part of their inalienable fundamental & enumerated right to self-defense, then training is NOT a reasonable requirement. Self-defense against a wacko school shooter is not a government duty, it is a human right!
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    Gun Ownership Project

    This should raise a huge RED FLAG for those of you considering participating!
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    John R. Lott, Jr., CPRSC. Should schools have teachers carry guns? AAHB Health Behavior Research December 2018

    John Lott: If you ignore the safety issue and just argue 2A points, you will lose this debate. People in the middle of this debate may value freedom, but they are often willing to trade off freedom for safety. Fortunately, from your point of view, in this case, freedom and safety appear to go...
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    John R. Lott, Jr., CPRSC. Should schools have teachers carry guns? AAHB Health Behavior Research December 2018

    "Should schools have teachers carry guns?" "Should teachers have Second Amendment Rights?" There . . . I fixed it! Our side loses because we fail to argue the REAL issue!
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    Unusual Difficulty in General Posting Pro-Gun Comments

    I have noticed lately that its is no longer easy posting Pro-Gun comments on articles involving gun-control. Is it just me or has anyone else experienced the same thing? Not trying to sound paranoid, it could be for technical reasons for all I know. I am not talking, of course, about this...
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    Tim Greimel, State Rep from District 29 DOES NOT support Constitutional Rights!

    My message to Tim Greimel in response to his failure to support Constitutional Carry in Michigan (see his letter below) Hi Tim, Thanks for proving that you don't understand Article I, Section 6 of our state Constitution, which expressly enumerates the right of 'every person' to keep and bear...
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    Huntin' Time Expo - Jan. 27-29 at the Delta Plex Arena, Grand Rapids

    My wife and I will be attending the Huntin' Time Expo this weekend. Any issues with management regarding OC (myself) or CC (my wife)? We both have CPLs.
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    Michigan's Constitution and the (dead-on-arrival) proposed Assault Weapons Ban

    Michigan's RTKBA Constitutional Provision vs. Assault Weapons Ban Background: http://www.mlive.com/news/index.ssf/2016/10/assault_weapon_ban_bill_dead_o.html#incart_river_home I'm going to share my take on this from a vastly different angle. First and foremost, let's forget about the federal...
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    Out-of-State Carry in Chicago?

    My wife and I both have CPLs (we're Michigan residents) and will be in Chicago on Monday. We know that its ok to carry inside our vehicle, but we don't wish to leave any firearms in our parked vehicle once we reach our destination. It is a day trip so we won't have a hotel room for...
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    Assault Weapons Protected Under Heller Dissenting Opinion - New 2A Battle Front

    Has anybody ever read Justice Stevens dissenting opinion in the original Heller case?* While obviously written to very narrowly interpret the Second Amendment, Stevens was unable to obliterate the basic tenet of the amendment, it being that Congress was powerless to act to disarm the State...
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    Bloomberg Group Planning Stealth Grand Rapids Event!

    Grand Rapids Wear Orange Event Join supporters of Moms Demand Action for a Wear Orange Event in Grand Rapids with live music and food. Help us celebrate National Gun Violence Awareness Day. Don't forget to Wear Orange! When: Thursday, 02 June, 6 PM Where: TBA Organizer will contact with event...
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    Anti-Gunners calling for Obama to declare Marshall Law!

    It you consider yourself a pro-gun activist then you should be on the anti-gun activists' email list. Lately, they have been agitating shocking ideas that are very extreme (not to mention foreboding) as examples of the ends that they are willing to go to in their effort to achieve so-called...
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    Alarmed, with good reason! Senator Green's Senate Bill 442 criminalizes Open Carry

    Ok, so I've dived into Senator Green's bill and it is a horribly written piece of legislation. I've just gotten off the phone with Senator Green's office and it doesn't appear that he is going to back down. I'll mention some of the negative highlights here as well as provide Senator Green's...
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    Michigan Laws regarding Identifying to Law Enformcement

    Ok, I have been curious about stop and identification issues in Michigan. I have done some research, let me if my conclusion below is wrong: Michigan is not a Stop & ID state and thus, even if detained or arrested, there is no legal obligation to provide either verbal or paper identification...
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    Coming soon to Michigan courtesy of Michael Bloomberg!

    Got this in my email inbox today (yes I am on the anti's mailing list - know your opposition)! XXX -- Oregon just officially became the 18th state to require background checks for all handgun sales and the sixth since Sandy Hook to close loopholes in their background check laws. This is the...
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    (Anti-gun) Melissa Gilbert running for Congress in Michigan!

    Melissa Gilbert (of Little House on the Prairie fame), a long time resident of Los Angeles, is now running for public office in Michigan. While I loved her role as a kid, this lady needs to lose badly as she will be attempting to impose her California gun control attitudes on our lovely...
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    Opting out of Michigan Handgun Registration - Any comments?

    I read with great interest Jared Coyne's article on an exemption to the requirement to register pistols under Michigan law. Here is his letter: http://www.miopencarry.org/news/2015/06/Opt-Out-Of-Handgun-Registration I am curious what those of you who are well-versed in Michigan firearms law...
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    Business Owners Face Massive Financial Risk Unless They Post Gun-Free Signs

    Just a heads up on the latest from the anti-gun press office! Bloomberg's ilk has funded (what they would have everybody believe) is an expert legal opinion designed to scare business owners (and probably their insurance companies) into posting gun-free zone signs. I have't read the so-called...
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    Governor Vetoes Your Rights - Urge a Special Session to Override the Veto!

    http://gunssavelives.net/blog/gun-laws/breaking-wv-governor-vetoes-constitutional-carry-bill/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+gunssavelives%2FYUiF+%28Guns+Save+Lives%29 Get R' Done West Virginia!