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    Clarity on State Law

    I tend to travel into KS quite a bit, it takes me 5 minutes to leave my house and be in KS. I have read lots of conflicting information and can't find the statutes to read for myself. So please can someone clarify for me if Permitless CC applies just to residents or can MO residents have that...
  2. M

    OC in Doniphan, Brown, and Atchison Counties

    Can anyone help me with the laws on OC in Doniphan, Brown and Atchison counties? Hopefully including whether its legal or not in the cities of Atchison, Elwood, Wathena, Troy, And Hiawatha? Im a Missouri resident but have lots of friends in those places in KS. And i cant find any info on OC for...
  3. M

    Little clarity on the law please.

    Ok , I know that by law my 20 year old neighbor can purchase a handgun from me because i am not an FFL holder. The thing is, i bought all my guns from FFL dealers. How do I legally sell my neighbor the pistol he wants to buy from me without them calling it a straw purchase?? I am new to...
  4. M

    Am I alone on this?

    Just wondering if anyone else has the same experiences. Have you ever went thru the junk drawer or dug thru boxes of junk you packed long ago and found stray bullets of a caliber that you cant even remember owning the gun that accepts them? I have found several over the years, and never owned...
  5. M

    Little help please?

    I was wondering if anyone knows of any way to get free gun manufacturer decals nowadays, ( back in the day u could get a free decal from just about any kind of company but im not sure in the digital age), I'd like to decorate my gun cabinet with them but cannot afford to buy a bunch of stickers...
  6. M

    Arrested tonite cuz I knew the law better than the cop

    I was sitting on my porch tonite with a couple of friends, drinking a few beers. I was of course open carrying and we seen the cops swarming the block. Watched a guy run down the alley a block away and the patrol car that wasw half a block over seen him and chased him down the alley. We heard...
  7. M

    Can i get some opinions please?

    I want to know from people with personal experience or personal knowledge of these rifles that HiPoint is selling. They are chambered in 45 cal, 40 cal, and 9mm. Im not looking for opinions on how hipoint sucks and such and such is better, i have little money to spend and these rifles look...
  8. M

    Speedy's in St. Joe

    Today i had to make the decision to stop going to Speedy's at 17th and Mitchell. I've been going to this gas station for 20 years, I have only OCed in there a couple of times, and today was not one of those times. My shirt was over my gun and there was only a very slight bulge (which i didn't...
  9. M

    Anyone know of any 2A friendly bank branches?

    I currently have an account at Citizen's Bank and Trust. I always carried there with no probs, but recently a new sign appeared on the window. Of course its a no firearms sign. Although I like my bank and the people there, I would rather do business with a bank that doesn't trample my rights...
  10. M

    Help with different courses in firearms safety

    Ok not trying to sound like a noob here but because i open carry i'm not really sure about how to find the cheapest class for firearms safety that will qualify for a Florida CCW. Can any of you help me with this? Aside from hunter's safety course (the schedule for those courses do not fit into...
  11. M

    Open Carry meet and greet in St. Joe

    imported post Ok Gunmans breakfast idea didn't work so what can we do here? I'm thinking anything on a weekend afternoon or evening would work. It don't even have to be in a restaurant it could be i a public park, lets just get together and meet each other. Even OCers from anywhere in MO would...
  12. M

    SIGMA SW40F any thoughts?

    imported post Ok the sw40f and sw40ve are very similar they can interchange magazines but ive seen no posts on the sw40f is there a diff? does anyone know of probs with the f model that are diff from the ve?
  13. M

    How can i make people more aware of OC here in St. Joe?

    imported post I've only seen one other person in St. Joseph posting in this forum and i have never seen anyone here OCing except LEOs off duty from other towns. How can we change this around here?
  14. M

    Do i have to use a belt holster?

    imported post I'm new to OC as i just found out it is legal here. But i cant figure out what legal OC is. Do i need to have it in a holster on my hip, or can i use a shoulder holster, drop leg holster, or just stick it between my belt and my pants? can anybody clarify this?