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    Questions on home security cameras

    I'm looking for some recommendations, here's what I'd like to have feature-wise: -4 cameras with decent resolution will be enough -Some sort of low light/infrared capability -Remote viewing with computer or smart phone -I'd like a reliable motion sensor activation, or maybe an alert sent to me...
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    WRAL website shares nifty search tool to locate CHP holders

    Bottom of the article: http://www.wral.com/news/state/nccapitol/story/11295888/ You can get a nice little count of permitees per street with this. A motivated thief can now just find small or sparsely populated streets, rule out a few more with some basic observation, then break into your home...
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    Firearms at Jordan Lake

    "Firearms and other weapons are prohibited except that those with a proper permit may possess a concealed handgun in permitted areas and under the requirements of North Carolina G.S. 14-415.11. All firearms and weapons are prohibited in state park visitor centers and park offices. (EXCEPTION...
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    Chatham Co. Range Day

    Official invite vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RW6_DXFNKw Some AR action from Sunday: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGlueJBg5Fc Since I now have something like 25 steel gongs / knockdowns, and a new .22 pistol, and a 22 conversion for the AR, I've been shooting... A lot. Time to...
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    Looking for help finding OC related suits / settlements

    I can google with the best of them, and have found the following suits, but if anyone has bookmarked or has other convenient access to such case files I would really appreciate a hand. I may be joining the list in the future, but may need some encouraging cases to share with potential...
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    Arrested for "Failure to produce ID, Failure to produce CC Permit" - while OC'ing

    Arrested for "Failure to produce ID, Failure to produce CC Permit" - while OC'ing The following is a detailed transcript of the recording made prior to Adam’s arrest on December 17th, 2010 at or around 7:22pm. Adam is standing in line at the Gamestop store with a Gamestop bag and receipt in...
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    Chatham Co. range day 4/16

    Here is another one... For anyone who would like to come out on short notice I'll be heading into the woods at 12pm sharpish this coming Saturday. Reply here for RSVP. This is located approximately 20 min south of the beltline, near US1 South and Old Hwy US1. Or New Hill, NC for reference...
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    Chatham CO open range day is back! 2/19 or 2/26

    Greetings fellow OCDO'ers. I will be hosting another range day on one of the following dates: 2/19 or 2/26 If you're interested post your preference and the day with the most votes will win. - Long rifle lane - Steel pistol course, configurable (with all new barricades! Whoo hoo!) - Clay...
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    My first experience OC'ing

    Crap I realized I posted this a long time ago. Crap.
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    Cary Chic Fil A is now posted

    I was a little surprised to walk into the Cary Chic Fil A recently and find freshly applied ghostbuster stickers at the entrances. I wasn't carrying, so I continued inside and spoke with the manager. He explained that the owner put these signs up the day after the last meetup at this location...
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    Surprisingly awesome chiropractor

    I screwed up my back really bad last week and went to a chiropractor for the first time. I was CC'ing that day and since I knew I would be at least partially disrobing and laying on tables and such, I locked the 45 in the car before going in to my appointment. When the Doc had me on the table...
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    No carry while bowhunting, add to the list of what needs to change

    I didn't think about this again until I started hunting this season. I hunt deer exclusively with my bow. I like the challenge (read frustration). In NC it is illegal to carry a pistol during bow only season. It is already illegal to shoot a deer during this short season, so why do we need a...
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    OCer robbed at gunpoint, of his gun

    I tried searching for this and couldn't find it but it's newsworthy enough I probably missed it. If so sorry for the second post. http://www.clipsyndicate.com/video/play/1506862/open_carry_gun_enthusiast_robbed_at_gunpoint http://www.todaystmj4.com/news/local/95999354.html ...Ouch
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    **Photos thread**

    Just made some changes to the smith thought I would share. Polished the matte stainless finish (painstakingly slow process) Added new grips and Pearce finger grooves which both feel awesome Post anything you're proud of...
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    I have a large tract of land available to me near US1 and Old Hwy US1, close to New Hill, NC (30 min. south of Raleigh) There are fields for clay busting, plenty of trees to pin pistol targets to, and a rifle lane of descending grade that stretches at least 300 yards. All forum members are...
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    Bojangles says no firearms - CALLING ALL TROOPS

    If this was a singular business entity I would post right on the OC Experiences thread. But I would hate for us to lose Bojangles. I ate breakfast at the Bojangles off of Aviation Blvd. in Morrisville this morning on my way to Charlotte. OC'ing as usual, no problems whatsoever. Well I get...
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    Looking for a walking / jogging set up

    I have a couple of heavy, full frame autos that just won't do for jogging or a spirited walk. I'm looking for anyone who has found a comfortable piece / rig for running. I run both isolated trails and after dark in higher crime areas and wish I could comfortably carry at the same time. I'm...
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    Detained while OC'ing in Cary today

    imported post I walk into the Fedex Kinkos this morning at Maynard and Walnut street in Cary to have some items boxed for me and shipped. I've OC'd in this location before but of course I check the doors on the way in for signage. I hand my things to be boxed up to one clerk and he goes in the...
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    Greenville PD, Terrible experience

    imported post I just found this site with some help from guys attending an OC dinner in Cary the other night, so this encounter is about 2 years old but I thought I'd share anyway. I'm an ECU grad heading back for a homecoming weekend on a Friday night, 9pm. I'm close to my destination but in...