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    Gun Snob Cafe

    imported post This is for all of us "gunsnobs" who get flack for not liking hi-point. HK ALL DAY:)
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    CZ Rami

    imported post went to look at one in cabelas. definitely in the beast mode category, along with the sp-01. anyone have experience with these firearms? i'd really like to get either one.
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    actual open carry in baton rouge! again!

    imported post Went to LSU to visit my twin brother and we decided to go do some shopping at cabelas and Tanger. Cabelas was a breeze, even the guys at the gun counter were pretty cool about it. Wanted to buy a p2000 but alas, im only 19 :( Then we headed to Tanger and to bo honest i dont think...
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    Blackhawk vs. Safariland

    imported post which do you beleive makes a better drop leg holster?
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    Thigh-Rig for HK USP .45 fullsize.

    imported post any suggestion?
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    Walmart in Marrero on Lapalco

    imported post Well i had my first bad experience open carrying. Here i am minding my own business doing some grocery shopping for a party my friends and i threw this weekend. As we are walking into the store all seemed fine and no one gave us any problems until we went to check out. I was...
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    imported post How many of you agree or disagree?
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    OC v. CC

    imported post I certainly understand many of your feelings towards CC and OC myself as i am not old enough to get a ccp. However, isnt it advantageous to give yourself options by being able to coneal your weapon as well? If you are going to a place you know doesnt like open carry, simply throw...
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    I got my USP!

    imported post Just wanted to share the good news with you guys. im gonna carry around the house to get used to a hip holster, i've only ever carried in a thigh rig on famikly property before. after i get used to it, i'll take to the streets :)
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    HK USP .45 best polymer gun ever?

    imported post all replies welcome
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    imported post I am 19 and i am considering carrying my usp .45 on a regular basis. dont worry, its legal in louisiana. however, i was curious about your opinions about me being so young a carrying a pistol openly. all responses welcome
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    jefferson parish open carry

    imported post i am only 19 years old but i have been given an hk usp .45 for my birthday. i am an avid shooter and hk enthusiest. however i would like to know the attitude of jp's towards open carry. can any of you give me some advice?