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    Needing advice with upcoming legislation - input from other states requested

    I'm working with the newly elected Arkansas legislation; we are looking to repeal many if not all the restricted carry places. What I would like is how does your state cover restricted areas either by statute or by not having a statute against. Can you carry into government buildings; if so...
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    Would like help with photo opp

    I'm visiting Wisconsin again on June 13-14th because I live in Arkansas we have many gun free zones. I would like to take some photos in Madison of me open carrying in places that are restricted here in Arkansas: Capitol, any Government Building etc. I'm not looking to break any laws in...
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    Things are heating up her in Arkansas

    Even though Act 746 has been passed not all of Arkansas recognizes as on open carry law. We have had a number of Act 746 celebration walks in the bigger cities but the more rural large money areas are refusing to recognize the law. We here in the North Central area of Arkansas are organizing a...
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    List your open carry experiences here.

    My first experience was at Orsheln Farm and Home in Mountain Home, Ar. With no problems.
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    8th District says you can carry a weapon as long as...get's it right.

    https://www.courtlistener.com/ca8/exeJ/christopher-stoner-v-eugene-watlingten/ This is a ruling under Arkansas' old law that was just handed down, under the new law it is even clearer. Feel free to open carry in Arkansas! You can not be arrested for carrying a weapon if your intent is not...
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    Would OC deterred Travon's attack?

    July 18, 2013 CC: CC vs OC Sir, I listened to you on Armed American Radio pod cast when you were discussing the George Zimmerman self defense case. You said to the effect the best gun fight is the one that is avoided. Do you think that if George Zimmerman would have been openly carrying a...
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    Heading to Memphis need advice

    I'm heading to Memphis Dec. 11-13th of 2012 any places to avoid and any places that are OC friendly. This will be my first extended OC in Memphis and I was told by a retired Memphis officer to never go there unarmed. I would like to OC but still wondering what I can expect if I do. I live in...
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    Question: Has your carry habit changed since Nov.

    I know it hasn't been long since the CCW permit has been introduced but I was wondering if anyone's carry habits, form OC to CC, changed, if so why? Or will you continue to OC, if so Why? I'm not wanting a debate of which is better but what I would like to know is why the change. Now, if you...
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    Helping in time of need.

    This isn't a true story of self defense but a helping while OC. I don't know where else to post this. I was traveling through Wis. on 6/7/11. It was getting hot in my van because my air-conditioning was not working too well so we (my wife and I) decided to stop by a McDonald's for a $1 soda...
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    Vacationing in Boyne Falls

    I am heading to Boyne Falls and am wondering some of the do's and don'ts of OC in that area; such as, place to go and not to go and can I have my firearm in holster while driving? I'll be staying at the Mountain Run Resort up there.
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    I enjoyed my time in KY and envy your OC freedom

    My family just recently visited the great State of Ky and enjoyed the freedom of OC. I live in Arkansas where OC is illegal except on a journey. Both my wife and I Oc every where and even into the Princeton City Hall. Wow! what an experience from a state that has over 20 places that guns are...
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    Need some advice?

    imported post I am going to a family reunion in Beloit, Wi. I get this call from my cousin who never calls me or really even talks to me and the first thing out of his mouth was, "Hey, Wisconsin just passed this law that you can carry a gun as long as you have a permit." I was trying to...
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    Here we come to save the day?

    imported post http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100426/ap_on_re_us/us_chicago_crime_national_guard
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    NRA becoming absolete?

    imported post Is this because the NRA is no longer about gun rights as it is about making a profit? The NRA is about CC with permits and training or hunting. IMHO Evan Fox News is afraid of law abiding constitutionalists. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/04/19/gun-rights-advocates-open-new/...
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    Should we wait for the Supreme Court ruling?

    imported post I know there are a few who would like to open carry just like me; yes, I have singed the petition and even contacted Rep. Karen Hopper about open carry and church carrying, but what more can and shouldI do; or should I wait for the Supreme Court's ruling? I would like to OC, it...
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    Visting Wisconsin

    imported post First, I would like to say I have been following the progress of OC in Wis. since the Supreme Court ruled that is legal to open carry in Wisconsin. Keep up the fight for your rights to "keep and bear arms." not just for hunting as the anti's like to say but for your personal...