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    1st time = nervous

    So I am a resident of Texas and a CHL holder. I will be travelling to Yellowstone and Sturgis and travelling through 5 other states. Texas wimped out on OC again this session and I really want to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights. Texas (of course) and cc only Oklahoma Kansas Colorado Wyoming...
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    Travelling from Texas

    Hi - I am going to be travelling from Texas to go see Yellowstone and will also plan to spend a little time in Montana. I see your state is open carry friendly but wanted to make sure it is generally accepted. Is it safe to do so but I don;t want to get harassed. Any tips you can give me please?
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    Travelling from Texas

    Hi - I am travelling from Texas to attend the Sturgis rally and see that Nebraska is an open carry state. Can you tell me how accepted it is generally? Will I get harassed if I do it there? Any helpful tips? Thank you
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    Travelling from Texas

    Hi - I will be attending the Sturgis Rally this year and see that your state is open carry friendly...however a little confusing when it comes to motorcycles. Can you help me understand the rules around that? Is open carry generally accepted or will I be harassed? Do folks open carry inside...
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    Travelling from Texas

    Hi. I am travelling from Texas to go see Yellowstone for the first time. Will be staying in Cody then moving on to Sturgis. I see that Wyoming is very accepting of open carry but is the practice generally accepted or can I expect to be harassed? Can I open carry inside the park itself...
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    Travelling from Texas

    Hi I will be travelling through your state and know that CO is an open carry state...however I also know there are now new laws passed that have restricted you. Is the practice still generally accepted there? If I open carry can I expect to be harassed? Anything of note to know before I try...
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    Travelling from Texas

    Hello I will be travelling through your state from Texas and see that you allow open carry...but somewhat restrictive. Would you say this is or is not a good idea to do. Is the practice generally accepted there or will I get harassed if I do it? Thanks.
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    Travelling from Texas

    Just wanted to drop a question regarding your new Open Carry law. First of all...Congratulations. I wish Texas had the cahones to do the same. Anyway I will be travelling through next week and wanted to know how accepted the practice is at this point. Will we be harassed if we do it? Any...
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    Open Carry protest on Capitol yesterday

    I went to Austin yesterday to participate in a rally at the capitol. There were 70+ of us and we were loud but respectful. We were polite to them and they were polite to us. We even had a trooper come out and tell us that we were definitely heard throughout the capitol building and we...
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    OC on property outside

    Is it legal to OC in Texas outside of my home but on my property (HOA neighborhood)?
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    Road Rage

    Ok. This may be in the wrong place and feel free to move if needed. This happened tome yesterday and I feel I handled it correctly (except on big part). My g/f and I were taking a nice leisurely motorcycle ride on some back roads yesterday and I looked in the mirror to see a Camaro right up on...
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    Prepaid Lawyers

    Hi all I've lurked as a guest for a long time and finally decided to jump in. I am excited that Texas finally has an opportunity to become OC. My question is this: I was at a local gun show and there was a booth from a Houston law firm that says will protect me in case of a shooting for...