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    Pro-Gun Movies

    I have been trying to find good pro gun movies, where the hero is a civilian/non-leo who uses a weapon to defend himself or others, or movies where gun rights are mentioned in a positive light. So far: Red Dawn No Country for Old Men (really awesome use of a water logged 1911)
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    AK Gun Stores

    imported post So my friend went to AK shooters supply and he and the owner (can't think of his name) started talking about gun laws the owner convinced my friend that you should only use the same defensive ammunition as the police and that their is a federal law prohibiting any form of carry...
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    Back OCing Again

    imported post It's been awhile since the last time I open carried mainly due to how many people had called the police on me two calls in one day and then to top it off a members girlfriend saw me on a bus and said I was creepy. I really hate to think that I am scaring people. I don't dress...
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    Followed home tonight

    imported post I just got back from a walk around the area where I live, which just happens to be right next to the fraternities and sororities of the local college. Well I walked around in a loop and when I passed a sorority I picked up a tail of three girls, two in front and one a good...
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    Need Relationship Advice

    imported post So my girlfriend of nearly 3 years does not like the fact that I carry, I have done just about everything for her and am very supportive however she tells me that she doesn't like the Idea of being with someone who carries everywhere. When I ask her why, she says she doesn't know...
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    Teens defend against armed thug

    imported post This situation could have ended much worse, thank goodness the teens were able to disarm him before someone got shot. The video is slightly graphic as the victims give a good beating to the bad guy, there is no blood but you are hereby warned. Here is the video.
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    The NRA is Evil

    imported post This was posted by an idiot on http://roomfordebate.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/05/22/guns-in-parks-safe-scary-or-a-sideshow/ in the comment section. I am so tired of people who don't understand and are unwilling to hear the truth. Now this person has several issues as you can see...
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    Got my New 1911 Grips

    imported post So I just got my new coco bolo grips in the mail today and they look and feel great. I was a little nervous as to the quality because it only cost me $45.00 with shipping and handling but I was wrong. They cut it to fit my Taurus PT1911 and it sure looks pretty now the next...
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    Self Defense is Murder

    imported post Found this on Yahoo Answers this one in particular sounds like a member of the Brady Bunch You can see all of them and the question at http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090411173653AAN3oB6
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    Almost Drew my Weapon

    imported post My friends and I were just outside tossing water balloons down a hill by our apartment. I was OCing because I figure hey you never know when you need it so anyway we had just run out of balloons and were walking down to our apartment and right as we reached our apartment two cars...
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    Are you carrying an Airsoft gun?

    imported post A few weeks ago while OCing outside of my apartment in Pullman a guy saw me carrying my stainless 1911 in a serpa and asked me if it was an airsoft gun a few weeks later I'm visiting my folks in Alaska and while at a store with my friend a woman asked me if I was carrying an...
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    A Peace Officer's Perspective

    imported post Found this while browsing the internet. OPEN CARRY- http://roavapd.blogspot.com/2009/02/open-carry.html Open carry is legal in Virginia. I haven't seen much of it. There are restrictions on where you can possess firearms in Virginia, open or concealed, you should know these. My...
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    City Busses Ban Open Carry?

    imported post I was on the bus today OCing and the bus driver and Transit Security guy weren't sure if it was legal saying it is a "city" bus surely it can't be legal. I told them I don't see why it wouldn't as its a "city" bus and that it should comply with Washington law. Does anyone know the...
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    What was I supposed to say?

    imported post Today I was out grocery shopping with my girlfriend here in the Pullman area. We were hungry and so we stopped by an arbys, well as I was swiping my card to pay the guy at the counter asked "Why do you carry a firearm" taken slightly aback I took a second and then said "because...
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    Preferred ammunition for self defense?

    imported post After looking through the ammo I carry in my Taurus PT 1911 I noticed that most rounds looked to be recessed to the point where they are no longer usable. I'm wondering if its because of the type (Federal Hydrashock) because I tested a brand new round and after loading it into the...
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    Pullman OC

    imported post Hey all I just turned 21 a few days ago and want to start OCing in the Pullman area. I was wondering if anyone out there could tell me about OCing in the area, for instance places to avoid. I was looking over the DNP list but didnt see any Pullman shops. I know campus doesn't...