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    people wonder why I carry.......

    imported post For those of you who havent heard, the city of Las Cruces NM is being held ransom. Here's the link http://www.kfoxtv.com/news/9861937/detail.html I live very close to Las cruces and go there several times a week. And people still dont understand why I wear guns. It should be...
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    pictures or descriptions of your carry gear.

    imported post hey all i just want a list or pictures of what you normally carry. For me its; RIA 1911 .45 in a kydex paddle extra 8 shot mag Taurus 605 .357 magnum 5 shot in an uncle mikes Kershaw assisted opening knife w/ 3" blade and im looking for a good compact flashlight, any...
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    trigger safeties.

    imported post Does anyone else hate trigger safeties? I cant stand them, they just royaly mess up the way a trigger is supposed to feel. I own several handguns, none with trigger safeties and have shot several with trigger safeties. I can not stand teh damn trigger safeties and for that reason...
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    Ever had a guy with a gun call?

    imported post Im just curious as to how many of you have had the LEA's called on you while open carrying. Not me. Cuz NM nice like that.
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    NM OC

    imported post Does anyone know where it is illegal to OC in NM?
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    question regarding OC

    imported post does anyone know where it is illegal to oc in NM?
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    imported post Hi all, this is my first post and I am a new member, glad to find a site dedicated to open carry. I live on a military base so naturally I do not carry around home, however anytime I go into las cruces I def carry. I lived in las cruces for a year and the crime rate and general...