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    If you could re-write the Second Amendment

    imported post I have long felt that many of the abuses of the 2nd amendment could have been averted had the language been a little more specific, and less open to misinterpretation. My personal take would be thus: A well regulated militia, defined as the whole of the people, individually and...
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    Legal questions concerning concealment and impersonation

    imported post I have been kicking around this question for almost a year now since one of my friends got a job as a security guard. He frequently carries openly while in uniform (black "security" t-shirt, bdu pants, hi-tec boots, duty belt). He has never been stopped, questioned, confronted or...
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    National Open Carry Day?

    imported post Hello all, I'm new to the forum, and was browsing through a couple of hours ago when I found this site by following a random chain of hyperlinks. Open carry is legal in my state, and I have often wondered why more people don't do it. The last time I saw anyone in civilian clothes...