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    Herbert Schmidt 21S

    I'm trying to figure out when a Herbert Schmidt Model 21S was manufactured. Is there anyway to figure it out? I know there are German and were mass produces, but if anyone has information on these, I would appreciate it. I realize they aren't the best in the world but this one is a family item...
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    Chris Kyle Murdered

    http://abcnews.go.com/m/story?id=18389238 "A former Marine has been charged with three counts of murder in the killing of former Navy SEAL and "American Sniper" author Chris Kyle, the most deadly sniper in U.S. history, and another man at an Erath County, Texas, gun range, police said."...
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    Police motorcycle competition

    I will be attending the police motorcycle competition this weekend at Cabela's in Gonzales. I've been debating heavily on going armed. I will be there as a spectator and volunteer. Is anyone else planning to check it out?
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    Denham Springs bans guns???

    I was having a discussion about OC vs CC with my wife's cousin who is, what I would classify, a certifiable gun nut. Strange thing about the conversation was that he thought I was crazy to OC. He was upset that I was pi$$ed about being detained while picking up dinner. After the conversation...
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    Detained at Sonny's BBQ

    This evening I was detained by BRPD for exercising my rights as protected by the Second Amendment to the US Constitution and Article 1 Section 11 of the Louisiana state constitution. I was picking up dinner at Sonny's (on Florida Blvd) when an officer approached and asked what I was doing...
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    Sheriff sales and auctions in LA?

    Does anyone know if any of the police or sheriff departments auction off property from seizures? I live in Livingston Parish and was wondering if any firearms ever come up for auction or if they destroy firearms that are unclaimed? Is there a link? How do you find out about these auctions?
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    Pricing a Welding Job

    Okay guys I need your opinions here. NOT OC RELATED I am pricing a welding job for a former employer. He has a Bobcat Loader with a 1/2 yard hopper that needs a new blade. I have the machine, supplies, and capability to do the job. Problem is I've never had to price a welding job. Mostly...
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    WBRZ Covers CC on Campus Bill

    http://www.wbrz.com/news/bill-to-allow-concealed-weapons-on-campus-stalls/ I know it is not OC, and has been covered before, but bear with me. I just finished my "education," and always felt those with the means should protect themselves(and others if necessary). I OC and CC but while on...
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    NAACP Disrespects George Washington

    http://hillbuzz.org/2011/01/18/naacp-disrespects-george-washington-at-mlk-rally-in-south-carolina/ The annual MLK observance at the state house in Columbia SC had an interesting twist this year. The event is held on the north side steps of the statehouse. Prominent at that location is a large...
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    NAACP Disrespects George Washington

    http://hillbuzz.org/2011/01/18/naacp-disrespects-george-washington-at-mlk-rally-in-south-carolina/ "The annual MLK observance at the state house in Columbia SC had an interesting twist this year. The event is held on the north side steps of the statehouse. Prominent at that location is a...
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    Out of State FFL Transfers?

    I have a line on a "like-new" Ruger P-89 which will be my new carry pistol, but I have a problem. I have never dealt with Out of state transfers of firearms. It's coming out of TX and the seller has never done one either. How hard is it? What does he need to do? What do I need to do? Can he ship...
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    Gun goes off at famous French Quarter restaurant

    http://www.wafb.com/Global/story.asp?S=13215301 From WAFB Link: NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Friday lunches can get a bit rowdy at Galatoire's, the stately French Quarter restaurant that has been serving up French Creole cuisine for more than 100 years. A New Orleans tradition for the city's blue...
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    Where do you shoot?

    I have recently become a member of a range here in Baton Rouge(Diamond Shooting Range $125 for 1 year membership). All they have is paper targets though. I would love to find somewhere to practice IDPA style shooting. I am curious where everyone goes for practice. Is there somewhere you go...
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    imported post http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum65/39940.html Guys, We probably just won the most significant case involving gun rights in the last 200 years, have seen unprecedented advancement of gun rights over the last several decades against a concerted effort by anti-gun forces, and...
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    What do you do when you get home first?

    imported post I ask because, I found myself clearing my house Friday night after dinner with the family. I got home ahead of my wife and it was about 10:00. No reason to think anything was wrong but, my subconscious had me walk through the whole house room to room and even the bathrooms. After...
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    Public Gatherings

    imported post This stems from a general forum in Open Carry Questions. Does a movie theater count as a public gathering in this state? What qualifies a place, event, or meeting as a pubic gathering?
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    CC is easier to get the drop on someone

    imported post http://opencarry.mywowbb.com/forum62/28330.html Florida Woman Shot in Leg by Bathroom Stall Neighbor Friday, July 10, 2009 TAMPA, Fla.— Authorities say a bullet from a gun that was accidentally dropped injured a Tampa woman sitting in a bathroom stall. Police say the bullet...
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    Story e-mailed to me by a friend

    imported post To the Guy Who Tried to Mug Me in Downtown Savannah night before last. Date: 2009-04-01, 3:43AM EST I was the white guy with the black Burberry jacket that you demanded I and over shortly after you pulled the knife on me and my girlfriend. You also asked for my girlfriend's...
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    Open Carry In Restaurants?

    imported post R.S. 40:1379.3 (N) states that no concealed handgun may be carried into and no concealed handgun permit issued pursuant to this Section shall authorize or entitle a permittee to carry a concealed handgun in any of the following: Any portion of the permitted area of an...
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    People from out of state?

    imported post This morning I was in CC's coffee on Seigen and was asked if I was a LEO. This struck up a conversation about the legalities of being able to open carry in LA. It started with one patron, then two, then three. All were more curious than anything. Everyone was interested to find...