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    Ocean Front Carry

    Ok, thanks. That clears it up for me.
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    Ocean Front Carry

    My question is, what sign? Any sign? The old gun buster sign is good enough? The words “No Guns”?
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    Ocean Front Carry

    I’ve read all I can find on the local laws and so far have found only the things you guys have posted. My fiancé is originally from VB and swears up and down that possessing a firearm at the Oceanfront is prohibited. I can’t find it on the VB city site, the statute book for VA or anywhere else...
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    Ocean Front Carry

    I’ll be visiting your fine state from Texas in early June. I’ve looked it up but I’m getting conflicting information. Assuming my lic is valid, can I legally carry at the Ocean Front in Virginia Beach? I’ll be spending quite a bit of time there but based on a few things, I don’t know I want to...
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    Section 8 Housing bans OC

    I was driving by on of our local housing authority complexes today and noticed they have 30.07 signs posted at each entrance. To my knowledge, they can't prevent a citizen from carrying on the property. If I'm wrong, can someone please cite where in the statutes I can find where they can ban OC...
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    Corpus Area Training Class

    I'm putting an 8-10 person group together. Dates and class structure is open at the moment. A friend of a friend is a highly qualified trainer located in New England. IIRC classes are $150 per person plus splitting travel expenses. He's willing to ride a couch to save on a hotel. Right now I'm...
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    At the Capitol today?

    Did any of you guys here make it? How did it go? Give me the whole story. I wasn't able to make it
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    OC Billboards?

    I haven't seen any in quite a while. What would it take to get a few put up around the state? I understand that most people are aware of the issue but I'm sure when alot of them do the research they are bombarded with negative articles and "facts". Maybe there would be some benefits to...
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    Crowley/Lafayette area

    I was offered a major promotion at work today that requires me to move to your wonderful state. If I take it, I'd be working in Crowley and living in the Lafayette/Crowley area. What can you guys and gals tell me about the ins and outs of the area? The info I found on citydata.com isn't very...
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    Our state reps think they're better than us

    Apparently if they have a CHL the prohibited places don't even apply to them. You can't even kick them off your private property for having a weapon. As far as I can tell, Perry agrees because he signed the damned thing...
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    Restricted Locations?

    We all know that there are certain places we can't carry. Hospitals and nursing homes being among them. There is an exception that says if you have written permission from those places, the restriction doesn't apply to you. My question is this, if my church gives me written permission would I be...
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    Training under the influence

    I did a little shooting today and got to thinking about the old saying "train like you fight, fight like you train". Then I started wondering, I'm not a big drinker but sometimes I have a buzz going. What if I'm home and some crazy person decided to kick my door in after a few drinks? I'm not...
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    That didnt take long

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    Defensive Pistol Class

    Dates to be determined.....Jeff Bloovman of Armed Dynamics will be in the Corpus Christi area holding a defensive pistol and maybe a defensive shot gun or rifle class. He is a highly qualified instructor with a unique teaching style. He packs into ten full hours what most guys take two days to...
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    Hypothetical Defense of a Third Party Question

    Bear with me this is kinda long winded and odd but here goes nothing.... I was out front with my dog this afternoon and some moron went flying down my street. That got me to thinking. If a person decided to beat my dog with a stick or some other deadly weapon for no apparent reason other than...
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    Constitutional Atty Help

    I posted this in the TX forum but I thought I'd post here as well for a little more exposure. If mods see fit to delete this, I'll understand. In the mean time, here we go..... As most of you know I was falsely charged with unlawful carry by a lic. holder a couple months back and had the case...
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    Constitutional Atty Help

    I am going to cross post this in another sub forum for a little more exposure but figured I'd try here first.... As most of you know I was falsely charged with unlawful carry by a lic. holder a couple months back and had the case dismissed. It's now time to show certain people that they can't...
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    CC Badge

    What's the deal? I've never seen one in real life nor have I heard of them till this web site. I'd like to hear the unbiased facts about the local legal requirements to display them, the origins of them and then, what kind of douche bag would wear one unless otherwise required to. Then lets go...
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    Corpus Christi area

    Anyone? Hello, is this thing on? Wanna get together for a shoot and some skills exchanging. I can't afford real classes and I've learned all I can from YouTube and other sources. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Check in if your interested and let's iron out the details.
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    Taurus 24/7 .40?

    I recently picked up a used late Gen 1 for a hell of a deal. The sights took some getting used to as well as the trigger but by the end of 3 mags I had it well under control. So far I love it. Looks good, shoots good and feels fanfreakingtastic in my hands. Just thought I'd see what ya'll...