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    Constitutional carry to be voted on next week

    Per Iowa gun owners Facebook page the constitutional carry bill will be a forced procedural vote next week.
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    Pro gun tattoos

    Anyone gave cool pro gun tatts? I'm about to get one in an hour
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    Carry in city parks

    Sorry if this has been discussed already but is carry allowed in city parks?
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    badges for cc/oc

    seen somewhere that there are guys out there that carry badges while the cc/oc. i can see where this could lead into trouble (impersonating a leo) but was wondering you folks point of view on it.:)
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    What is wrong with people

    http://www.kcci.com/news/central-iowa/central-iowans-rally-for-no-more-silence-about-gun-violence/-/9357080/23491676/-/ie0xg5/-/index.html common sense gun control wouldn't it take common sense to look at FBI stats that places where only criminals have guns there is more gun violence? Hence...
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    shooting on south side of des moines

    everybody ready for the attack on gun owners after what this guy did http://www.kcci.com/news/central-iowa/witnesses-describe-shooting-on-creston-avenue/-/9357080/23298402/-/14t3225/-/index.html
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    open carry social group

    hello, i am wanting to start an open carry group in the central part of the state. was wondering if anyone knows if there is something like this or ideas to start. thanks in advance