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    A friend/co-worker called me and left a message the other day. He said there was a man open carrying on his motorcycle in Davenport that got pulled over, disarmed and yelled at for brandishing at the Shell gas station on Brady St(near AW/Long John Silver's). I haven't heard anything about this...
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    They introduced "THE" bill.

    It's a link to the IL legislature's website with the bill, including history. He's accessing the forum on one of these: so it might be a little difficult for him to do that.
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    Porn stationary for school children, anti-gun lobby silent?

    Those are some pretty big claims they make, and I don't actually see any evidence for it. That mug, though offensive to some and funny to others, may be a factual statement for someone. I've seen arguments that the increased availability of pornography that came with the increased availability...
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    Ultramax ammo

    I used Ultramax ammo at an indoor gun range when I was at school in the spring semester. It was the re manufactured lead nose type: I was actually surprised because it was cleaner than the aluminum Blazer I'd tested before and cleaner than what I was expecting. What exactly were you shooting?
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    Online Poll - Please Vote

    http://thegazette.com/conversations/would-you-support-a-gun-ban-in-government-buildings/ Please vote in this poll, even if you're not local, as Cedar Rapids is one of the most populated areas in Iowa.