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    Preparation for WI concealed carry is gonna be painful... (kinda)

    Well, I already plan on mainly carrying my EMP for concealment, but is 1 ever enough? what if I am wearing lighter clothing? what if I am in dress clothes? what if my holster doesnt match my shoes?! (that's what was presented to the wife :) ) So I bought a backup gun. I'm pretty excited to...
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    My carry gun - and sort of a range/training report

    I bought my EMP back in April with plans on using it as my primary conceal carry gun when Wisconsin passes whatever it is we will pass. Shot about 200 rounds through it, and I was convinced the sights were not correct, I was shooting about 4" low at seven yards. Called up springfield and asked...
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    What do you think the results will be tomorrow?

    After hearing from my reps, and seeing what other people are saying, the bill only having 10 sponsors... I just don't know what to think.
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    SB90 and SB93 Fiscal Estimates

    Imagine that, CC is cheap SB93 - http://www.legis.state.wi.us/2011/data/fe/SB-93fe.pdf SB90 - http://www.legis.state.wi.us/2011/data/fe/SB-90fe.pdf
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    Looks like Wisconsin is going to be last to submit bills...

    Even Illionois submitted a personal protection act (not what we want here, but more than they have) http://www.nwitimes.com/news/state-and-regional/illinois/article_6c4b0a9d-92e9-5561-8107-f6aba6e84ebf.html
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    Rep. Michelle Litjens 56th State Assembly District - Pro Constitutional Carry

    I just got off the phone with Michelle Litjens who is our newly elected representative for the 56th state assembly. I had sent her an email with the WI Carry pamphlet and all of my contact info friday and she just called. She said she is definitely for concealed carry. I made it a point that we...
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    I'm working up the nerves.. but how do you OC'ers go from car -> store

    imported post This is the main gray area i would see giving me problems, handling the firearm putting it in my holster. So what are your steps from parking to going into the store and back out into the car. We'll say the firearm is kept in the trunk. I'm originally from Michigan, have been an...