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    Must see video on posting a home!

    Take a guess how many libs decided to post their home as "guns free", and then watch the video to see the answer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt1Zy_ASNyA&feature=player_embedded
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    Can someone put madison rally pictures on the forum?

    Wish I was there... Great pics. Lots of great signs. This handbill just in from JPFO, woulda' been good sign as well. http://jpfo.org/alerts2013/alert20130122.htm for the web page with more info/handbills link Stay safe (and warm too!)
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    Ohio PD Officer Singleton gets it

    Just got this sent to me from a friend. Why can't we hear more of this, in general, and here in WI particularly? Regarding the NDAA passage http://oathkeepers.org/oath/2012/01/07/ohio-peace-officer-drafts-ndaa-letter-for-police-and-sheriffs/ excerpt: Anybody have any links/stories of...
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    Der Fuhrer and Der BLM

    Catching up on some reading (of the radar screen of issues) since Nov/Dec has been so extra busy! Regarding barring shooters from 245 million acres of "BLM" land..... http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/washington-whispers/2011/11/16/obama-pushing-shooters-off-public-lands So, "shooters" are as...
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    Eric Pratt on WI CCW

    Thought I would post link to this article. I know some have seen it, but many have not. GOA always does such a good job. http://gunowners.org/op10252011ep.htm A couple of excerpts: It was not all that long ago that this ball got rolling down there in FL (it's a shame the ball ever got...
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    It's official, MKEGal charged with 941.23

    Was just saying same thing to my wife earlier today. How convenient? Anyone know if this existed pre-"patriot act", or if it a product of such? If they can't make a clean bust, right then and there, then it should not happen at all. (yes, I know, reality check) Remember LEO's, (most of...