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    Anyone else use open bottom holsters?

    imported post So a friend gave me this holster for my G23, he used it for off duty concealed carry. Just wondering, does anyone else use a holster where the barrel of the gun sticks out like this for OC? Seems like most pictures I have seen here and other places this doesn't seem to be the...
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    Well I Adopted Another One Today

    imported post Well I got myself a Glock 23 today, saw it at a gun show and coulden't resist. Does anyone else have this problem of compulsive gun purchasing? It's like an addiction. I remember reading something a few months ago about how guns multiply when the safe door is closed, I believe it now.
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    Open Carry Video

    imported post Just stumbled across this over at YouTube and thought I'd post, feel free to flog me if it's already been posted. It's a video of a guy OC'ing and gets the cops called on him in NH. Rather uneventful but pertinent I believe. http://youtube.com/watch?v=mu4Dr3B3Rg4 badmonkey
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    PA Town Considers Recommending Guns

    imported post http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20061206/us_nm/usa_guns_dc PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - A tiny town in western Pennsylvania could ask all of its residents to own guns, if a proposal under consideration on Wednesday wins approval from local officials. Under the proposed law, residents...
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    imported post Sorry, wrong button, ignore this....
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    Kel Tec P11

    imported post What do you all think about a Kel Tec P11 9mm as a concealed carry or backup gun? I'm talking about accuracy and durability really. I know its no target gun but it the accuracy decent? If I go put 1000 rounds through it will it fall apart? I was looking at these because of the...