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    Emily Dickinson and Lying Rudy

    Tell all the truth but tell it slant Success in circuit lies. Too bright for our infirm delight. The truth's superb surprise. As lightening to the children eased With explanation kind The truth must dazzle gradually Or every man be blind! Emily Dickinson- I doubt Grotesque Giuliani...
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    Hi Folks Summer is coming to an end and the NFL football season is here however not without controversy. The Cleveland police department and members thereof were scheduled to roll out the flag for Sundays opening season game.. However the police union decided that due in part that many...
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    Jefferson, Heming's and Callender

    On this date in 1802, a rogue reporter James Callender reported that Mr. Jefferson had kept one of his slaves, Sally Heming's as his concubine. (history Channel). Recently DNA has proven that indeed Mr. Jefferson did sire six children with Ms.Heming's. Most interesting is the relationship...
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    19th Amendment Anniversary-- August 26

    It was a long time in coming one hundred and thirty-three years However on August 26th 1920 woman via the the ratification of the 19th amendment of our great document, woman were legally now allow to vote.. And in my humble opinion the Parchment/ hemp paper that contains the terse text of our...
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    Fighting for rights and Liberty

    Folks there is a young patriot named Gavin Seim. Mr. Siem is a liberty activist from the state of Washington, he holds government employees accountable. I suggest you do yourself a service and view Mr.Siem work on Youtube. His videos are very inspirational and educational. Simply search his...
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    Kentucky Confederate Statues coming down.

    Lexington Kentucky mayor Jim Gray stated that confederate statues at city hall will be removed... The statues of John Hunt Morgan and John C Breckinridge will come down.. Good job by the folks of Lexington in voting to have said statues removed. Twenty first century Americans honor winners not...
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    Charlottesville ?

    Whats the latest information on the riots? TIA CCJ
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    Microsoft Rescues Apple, twenty years ago today...

    Twenty years ago today (1997). Microsoft shelled out 150 million dollars for a minority stake in struggling Apple Computer.. A 1K investment at that time is worth around 40K today. Nice Country America, and thank you Mr.Gates, best investment I ever made.:D My .02 Regards CCJ
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    Professions and Licenses

    Why do some professions require a state issued license for the practice thereof? For example, Doctor, Lawyer, airplane pilot, real estate agent, barber, hair dresser, just to name a few?.. Thoughts and opinions on the topic at bar much appreciated.. Regards CCJ
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    Constitutional Carry V Non constitutional carry

    Are non-constitutional carry States in violation of the United States Constitution? If yes, what is the remedy for citizens of said states? TIA. Regards CCJ
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    Fields V City Of Philadelphia

    A great first amendment case supporting liberty minded law abiding citizens. The court ruled that recording officers while they are performing their duties is a right under the first amendment.. " After this ruling, no reasonable officer could now successfully argue that there is not a first...
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    Woman killed after calling police

    What's the latest on this incident? Regards CCJ
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    Independence Day Meaning Thereof.. Madison

    Folks Happy Independence Day! Are we truly free, are we independent of our Government? You decide.. I look to Federalist Number 49, for our answer. " The people are the only legitimate foundation of power, and it is from them that the Constitutional charter is derived.. " Government is and...
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    The Golden State Warriors, won the NBA championship last night against the Cleveland Cavaliers.. It appears the new champs, will not be making the customary visit to the White House.. Very interesting, your thoughts and opinions. Regards CCJ
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    This day in History-- Ronald Reagan

    Thirty years ago today, President Ronald Reagan, challenges Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall.. Cite, History Channel What I wouldn't give to be thirty years younger, however, I would settle for a sitting President, that deserved to be mentioned in the same story as President...
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    Violating ones oath to the constitution.

    Is there actually any criminal ramifications or civil, towards a person that clearly violates their " oath to support the constitution"? How sacred is the oath? What are the penalties thereof for any violation thereof said oath? If we can't bind public officials to their constitutional oath...
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MR PRESIDENT! John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy ( May 29, 1917-- November 22, 1963). Regards CCJ
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    Shire Society ?

    Hi New Hampshire. I am seeking information on a group that calls themselves, The Shire Society, I believe the group is headquartered in New Hampshire. Please feel free to PM me with any information. TIA Regards CCJ
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    Special Prosecutor Appointed.

    Robert(Bob)Mueller appointed special prosecutor.. Regards CCJ
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    The true meaning of, WE,the people..

    Hi Folks Please assist me in wrestling with what the words, term, WE, the people, really meant in 18th century America.. WE, in 18th century America, clearly did not represent, folks of color, white folks that were not land owners, and indeed, surely Woman.. Therefore pre 1920, before woman...