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  1. Brace

    Differing information on non-resident carry permit reciprocity.

    I'm trying to find out whether Maine recognizes non-resident permits ffrom states it has reciprocity with, such as Utah and North Dakota. Different sources say different things: http://www.handgunlaw.us/documents/NonResidentPermits.pdf...
  2. Brace

    Colorado Shooting

    Flagrant misgendering: check. Back on topic, has anybody noticed that this exactly fits the infographic about the role of firearms in stopping spree shootings? I'm talking about this one.
  3. Brace

    Happy Halloween ! What's your costume this year?

    I might just buy a pair of aviator glasses, flip my hoodie up, mark up my face with a magic market, and call it a unabomber costume. Otherwise I'm going as myself which is sufficiently monstrous already. ^ Current working costume. ^ Final costume (with faded "facial hair")
  4. Brace

    Police officer shoots unarmed man holding baby

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMDIK4bOpwk This was posted by the Libertarian Party's facebook page. It sounds like the guy was less than reputable but that doesn't seem to excuse the officer.
  5. Brace

    Openly carrying a Ruger LCP...?

    I'm intending to carry my Sig P-238 in Maine when I go there to visit my boyfriend over Thanksgiving break. It shoots well, and with a 7 rds magazine with a grip extension, it feels good in my hand. My gun is also very distinctive, which is probably a mixed blessing: On the one hand, it...
  6. Brace

    Question about varying laws between states

    Hi all I recently applied for a Maine CCW and, after waiting 8 months, followed up on the matter to be told that I will probably face a rejection for failing their good moral character clause. I have a deferred sentence for harassment in my home state. It was an incident between myself and my...