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    Bill request 342

    Bill Request 342 Title AN ACT relating to firearms and declaring an emergency. Bill Documents Original Sponsors G. Brown Jr Summary of Original Version...
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    Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement Spreads To Kentucky

    Can never have too many layers of protection from a tyrannical government.
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    ohio renaissance festival

    Does anyone know if it is OC friendly? On state grounds? Mike D
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    I've seen numbers from 80,000 to 1.5mil biker going. This is the last one. Unless they install metal detectors at the state line CC should be safe. Better judged by 12 than carried by 6. Mike D
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    I will be going to Manassas the end of the month for rolling thunder from Ky. I will be on my Harley. What laws if any do I have to watch out for? Mike D
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    Former ATF Agent to Speak at Anti-gun Group's Event - 3/10/19 - Lexington Library

    They can not stop you from open carrying. Have been to a MDA meeting in one in Covington and have been in one in lex. Both times OC. Will try to make it. Mike D
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    Just found this. Is this true? Was going to vote for then this pops up. What do you think? Mike D VOTE NO ON MARCYS LAW ATTENTION KENTUCKY VOTERS! What do you all think in Kentucky about this new bill we are to be voting on November 6th called Marsy's law? I will be voting NO to this bill...
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    Kent State rally

    check out this...
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    March for Our lives

    Are there any March for Our lives planned around here? If so are we planning anything to voice our side? Mike D
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    open records request

    I made a open records request to KSP a week ago. Hand delivered to KSP HQ State law says they are to respond in some way within 3 working days so far nothing. I have called and left messages 3times and this morning called the AG office and left yet another massage with no responds. What if any...
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    National Open Carry Protest for Philando

    I will try to be at Cincinnati city hall if anyone else wants to go. Mike D...
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    National Open Carry Protest for Philando

    I will try to be at Cincinnati city hall if anyone else wants to go. Mike D...
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    Little Sturgis

    Little Sturgis is a biker rally held at the Union County fairgrounds 125 Pryor Boulevard, Sturgis, KY 42459 Under their Q&A they have "Q: What is your policy on weapons? A: No weapons allowed. No guns. No knives. No exceptions". http://www.kentuckybikerally.com/schedule.html#rules To confirm...
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    Capitol open carry

    I went to the Capitol today no trouble getting in but was told I couldn't carry in the committee hearings or the galleries. Is this true? Also what about the Superior Court room on the 2nd floor? Mike D
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    shortage over?

    Over the pass week made 3 stops at Walmart each time picked up 3 each 100 rd boxes of Super X 32 gr, 40 gr, and CCI 40gr. When I left today they still had 5 100 boxes CCI and a lot of the Super X mixed 32 and 40 gr. Hopefully it will stay this way and the prices start to fall. These were 7.47 to...
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    Massie leading the way

    Good news: A group of House Republicans formed the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus on Thursday. The group, headed by Rep. Thomas Massie (R., Ky.), said the caucus plans to draft and sponsor pro-gun legislation in the upcoming Congress...
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    special taxing districts

    . I have been searching gov. sites but can not find a list of special tax districts. I would like to know were they are so I can check that they allow for open carry. Are they listed somewhere or do you have to do an open records request? If you have to do open records who done you go to...
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    Anyone going? WLWT news just said no weapons.(630pm) Their site says no illegal weapons. Mike D
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    What are the laws if any in Ohio for police issuing a shelter-in-place order? Can police just order you off the street or your porch? Who makes that call patrol officer, chief, mayor? There was a active shooter last night and people in the area couldn't go home or leave their homes. Mike D
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    unpaid student loan + owning a gun = SWAT TEAM?

    Big government and debtors prison. http://thefreethoughtproject.com/heavily-armed-u-s-marshals-arrest-man-30-y-o-unpaid-student-loan-1500-arrests-planned/