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    Any Trayvon rallies this weekend?

    I was wondering if there were to be any Trayvon rallies this weekend. Figured it'd be a good time to bust out my "You Lost" sign and walk around across the road while open carrying.
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    Saw 3 OCers at Danville Walmart today, Sunday.

    I saw 3 people OCing in Walmart in Danville Sunday afternoon. Just thought I'd toss this out there in case it was someone on the forum.
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    Answer your PM's!! Thank you.
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    Asked to leave The Liquor Barn in Danville.

    Told to leave The Liquor Barn in Danville. I was told to leave the premises Saturday afternoon at the Liquor Barn in Danville. It's only the 2nd time I had been in there. I carried in the last time with no problems. Saturday I was looking to buy a keg of beer. I walked, across the store...
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    2012 Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot

    Anyone else going this Oct 12-14? I'll be there on Saturday and have a couple friends coming down from Illinois to enjoy our freedom.
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    First time I OC"d in Louisville tonight.

    Went to Red Lobster for "ENDLESS SHRIMP". We had a 40 minute wait to sit down so we stood in the waiting area. I was carrying my Taurus 24/7OSS. It's not a small gun by any means. No one said anything about it to me. No one called the cops. I didn't even get any dirty looks.
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    Police shoot 9 innocent people in NYC

    http://news.yahoo.com/nypd-empire-state-victims-hit-police-gunfire-180844387.html Everyone who was shot near the Empire State building were shot by the police except for the fella the shooter intended to kill. Everyone else was just collateral damage by the NYPD. Video of the shooting...
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    "Bar areas" of restaurants and guns

    There's a cuss and discuss over on the ar15 board and it's being said that a gun can not be carried in the "bar area" of a restaurant, such as TGI Fridays, Chili's, Applebee's, etc.... I do not believe that is correct since the entire establishment is licensed to serve alcohol but the business...
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    Escorted out while open carrying in Walmart in Danville.

    The manager escorted me to the door after I made my purchase and told me it was standard policy now. Oh yeah, I bought my first AR-15 today while shopping at Walmart. I told the manager that it was ironic that she had to escort me out with my new purchase while I was open carrying my pistol...
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    Dancing is legal in Bardstown on Sundays now!!!

    They amended some ordinances and the prohibition on dancing on Sundays was removed. There were a couple ordinances against carrying a gun and they repealed 2 of them, but that's not important now that I can bust a move on Sundays!!
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    Saw an OC'er at Danville Walmart today

    I saw you and your rig in the garden section of the Walmart Saturday at 2pm. Looks like you were carrying a compact polymer in a paddle holster. I only got a glance.
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    Knob Creek National Machine Gun Shoot in April....

    .....has been cancelled this year because of flooding and their bridge being washed away. This info came from their FaceBook page. http://www.facebook.com/knobcreekgunrange
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    Target in Elizabethtown

    Is anyone familiar with Target and their policy on OC in Elizabethtown? I think Im going to do the Black Friday thing and pick me up a TV.
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    Knob Creek, Oct 14-16

    Who all is going? I may be going. I've never been. It's only 71.4 miles from my house according to Google.
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    Danville Walmart sighting

    I saw someone open carrying at the Walmart in Danville today around 3:30pm. Him and his wife/girlfriend were in a self checkout lane with a couple of big plastic totes. He also was carrying a dual magazing holder with one magazine in it if I recall correctly. Anywho, if it's someone on this...
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    Carry on College grounds, but not in the buildings

    Are we allowed to Open Carry on college grounds? I just found out that Im going to a "cook-out" and it's being held at Centre College for the Great American Brass Band Festival.
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    Man accidently shoots himself and dies during CCW course in Missouri.

    When I first read the title, I thought, "what a dipstick!!", but after reading the article, I hope the family sues the instructor of the course. This was a basic CCW class, not an advanced class, and the instructor was having them draw from the holster with their weak side hand, disengage the...
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    Woman stubs toe and calls for ambulance.

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    Good for you Wisconsin!!

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    Are there any sites dedicated to selling firearms locally in Kentucky?

    I have yet to find gainful employment after moving to Kentucky and money is getting tight. I have a few firearms that I can part with. I was wondering if there were any sites dedicated to selling firearms in Kentucky. If there is one, my GoogleFoo has failed me.