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  1. MKEgal

    Sort of OC, sort of a professional question for you IL legal types

    I'm currently a private detective in Wisconsin. My company might be tracing / pursuing a suspect into northern IL in the next few days. Once we hit the border, do we turn into normal everyday citizens, or does IL recognize our professional licenses (both for carry & for detective work)? Is...
  2. MKEgal

    anyone near Cary?

    I have a FB friend (we're in a social group together) who is experiencing a rapidly-escalating "psycho husband" (her term), as he is feeling more stress from their upcoming separation before divorce. (He has to be out of the house for a whole year before they can file for divorce; she asked him...
  3. MKEgal

    Armed citizen stops, kills robber in Milwaukee, WI

    http://www.wisn.com/news/customer-kills-armed-robber-at-barbershop/30621188 A robber was shot and killed at a Milwaukee barbershop Friday afternoon. ... the robber started patting down customers when one of them, who was a concealed carry holder, pulled out their gun and shot the man.
  4. MKEgal

    best de-leading agent for barrel?

    A friend is wondering what to buy.
  5. MKEgal

    Buffalo, NY: registration leads to confiscation

    . There's a law in NY state that when a permit holder dies, the family has 2 weeks to transfer ownership of their registered firearms to another permit holder, or sell them to an FFL, or give them to police to hold (for up to 2 years) while someone who was supposed to inherit them tries to get...
  6. MKEgal

    Cabela's in Portland

    And if you do hand it over, it has to be unloaded, in a case, and they won't give it back to you unless they walk you outside the store! An employee will take your unloaded pistol (which they check) in its case, and walk with you to the gun area, hand it to another employee, then wait around...
  7. MKEgal

    handgunlaw.us finally includes OC... good & bad

    . I'm looking at several of the state info PDFs from www.handgunlaw.us and notice that they're now including some info on OC... but they also include this unfounded warning: "When open carrying, be prepared for Police Officers [sic] to question you as open carrying firearm gets their...
  8. MKEgal

    UT permit class in Kenosha SAT 31MAY

    $60, includes fingerprinting, counts as training for getting your WI ccl (which you must have to apply for the UT ccp). Sign up here. That page gives you the URLs to download the required curriculum, and to download & print the course completion form. That form must be brought with you to...
  9. MKEgal

    Sat. 17MAY14 Oconomowoc, WI

    Some of our group recreated the picture that started the whole problem.
  10. MKEgal

    raising funds: appealing to SCOTUS

    Grapeshot told me to set up a separate thread for this, so here it is. As (partially correctly) reported by the Milwaukee (WI) Journal Sentinal newspaper, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has sided with police in a very bad 4A decision, against me. We're appealing to SCOTUS. That's expensive...
  11. MKEgal

    Sat. 17MAY14 Oconomowoc, WI

    . A picnic to celebrate the city's realization that their "no carry in parks" ordinance is unenforceable. (If they'd kept on in their misunderstanding, this would have been a demonstration, but now it's not.) We have the pavilion from 10a - 8p, but things may not go that late. Meat & drink...
  12. MKEgal

    An offer to temporarily store 'prohibited' items out of state

    I'm sure there are many people here on OCDO wanting to do something to help our friends in CT, but not knowing what they can do. I have a suggestion. Let's offer to store the 'illegal' guns & magazines out of state, away from possible confiscation & destruction, until the law is overturned...
  13. MKEgal

    UT permit class in Kenosha SAT 01MAR 2PM

    x .
  14. MKEgal

    common school policy about OC

    . This was posted on the MOC FB page. Apparently this policy has been suggested to several schools / school boards in Michigan, so those of you who are the activist sort need to make sure yours isn't planning something stupid like this. And WHY is a county prosecutor having anything to do...
  15. MKEgal

    law profs debate gun rights

    . Stanford Review article about a debate over gun rights between 2 law professors. One consistently misunderstands the Constitution, the other is supportive of civil rights. .
  16. MKEgal

    AL thug killed by store customer

    . Dateline: Alabama Scene: Dollar General Criminal comes in waving a gun & saying he's going to kill everyone. Moves a clerk & one customer to a back room (BAD IDEA!! NEVER GO ALONG!). Customer seizes the moment, shoots thug once in the chest. Thug dies. Oh, and there's a "no open...
  17. MKEgal

    Democrat wants you to tell the school if you have guns

    . Here's an article Here's the bill This act: creates the offense of failing to stop illegal weapon possession. A person commits the offense if he or she is the parent or guardian of a child under the age of 18, he or she knows the child possesses a weapon in violation of the law, and he...
  18. MKEgal

    well whaddayaknow... more guns = less crime

    . Another bit of research confirms what we already knew: restrictive gun laws do not reduce crime (and in fact appear to increase it). I haven't been able to find a copy of the article, so if anyone has access to this (paid) site & could post the PDF I'd really like to read it...
  19. MKEgal

    2013 report of LEO who died on the job

    . The actual report is headed "Law Enforcement Fatalities Dip to Lowest Level in Six Decades" and shows that, as usual, more officers are killed in traffic fatalities than by gunfire. However, the LA Times piece which reported on this report spent most of the article talking about the...