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  1. half_life1052

    Texas Open Carry Info Trifold/Brochure

    I believe you are reading from the house version, not the final enrolled version. The Dutton amendment was removed in the final version (411.2049 portion of your quote). IMO explicitly stated or not, it would be a violation of rights to detain such a person without some other articulate-able...
  2. half_life1052

    House Panel approves open-carry bill

    Sometimes being a linux geek has its advantages I grabbed the two versions of the bill and saved them locally. Using the diff tool I was able to identify that there is 140 lines changed between the two texts. I have the delta between the two saved to a third file if anyone wants to look just...
  3. half_life1052

    We need to see this covered more

    We keep hearing about the negatives associated with gun ownership. We need to hear more about the positive outcomes for gun owners http://www.wset.com/story/21229613/prince-edward-co-officials-investigating-deadly-home-invasion two out of three ain't bad.
  4. half_life1052

    Any Experiences Open Carrying A Handcannon In Central VA (Judge etc) ?

    Sorry I asked. I have fired .44 with 9" barrels and .357 with knee length barrels ;) . Now how many of you have pulled the trigger on one of these This gun is hand loaded,hand aimed, and hand fired(at least it can be). I think that qualifies it as a handgun. ;)
  5. half_life1052

    Any Experiences Open Carrying A Handcannon In Central VA (Judge etc) ?

    I just purchased a Public Defender for my wife and I am thinking back to the story a few months ago about the kids in Lynchburg getting hassled for a Mac11. If I recall correctly the cop made a big todo about "a gun like that".Any experiences carrying big revolvers like the judge or similar? I...
  6. half_life1052

    Parking Lot incident

    Speaking of shooting VW's A Naval 16 in 50 caliber Mk7 gun shoots 2,000 pound rounds. This is about like shooting a VW. This will look familiar to Peter Nap as it is similar to loading his sidearms.
  7. half_life1052

    Campbell Co Website in error concerning fingerprinting

    Campbell County still had the fingerprinting requirement up on their website whereas it concerns CHP applications. I have made contact with them and they say that they will correct it in the coming days. They also have another weird requirement. You pick up the application and fill it out...
  8. half_life1052

    Lynchburg VA July 7th, 2012 -- Greet -N- Grill

    Come one come all. I am firing up the grill at my place. I plan on making ribs and chicken. I am looking for a head count so that I may buy enough. Bring something to share if you can. Beware though, since my 21 year old wolf passed on last year, his understudy the Shitszu thinks she is...