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  1. ed

    Gone West - Farewell Peter Nap...

    RIP Don Litten.. We had a love/hate relationship.. You LOVED to hate me :lol: - Seriously, Don and I had been friends for years.. He was an avid gun rights guy, photographer, author, blogger http://news.oldva.org, hunter, family man and more. We like to rib each other all the time.. He was a...
  2. ed

    VCDL LOBBY DAY- January 19, 2015 - 8:30 AM - Richmond

    WHAT IS "VCDL LOBBY DAY"? This is the day when hundreds and hundreds of gun owners come to the General Assembly building in Richmond (1000 Bank St Richmond, VA 23219) to meet with the Virginia Legislature (our Senators and Delegates). We form small groups around 0830 just outside the building...
  3. ed

    6/5/14 - VCDL monthly membership meeting in Sterling, VA

    6/5/14 - VCDL monthly membership meeting in Sterling, VA (Loudoun County) at the Cascades Library, 21030 Whitfield Pl, Potomac Falls, VA 20165. The meeting is open to the public. Fellowship starts at 7:30 PM and the meeting is called to order at 8:00 PM and will run until 9:30 when we will...
  4. ed

    Open Carry segment from America Tonight, Al Jazeera America's flagship program

  5. ed

    Norfolk area gun owners needed 10/2/13 to hold signs at ODU pre - VA Lt. Gov debate

    There is a debate between the Lt. Governor candidates, pro-liberty E.W. Jackson and anti-liberty Sen. Ralph Northam, THIS Wednesday, October 2nd. We need gun owners to show up and hold signs that I am bringing down. The antis will be there with their signs, too, and we need to counter them...
  6. ed

    VCDL Meeting - 9/18/13 - WED - Annandale with EMILY MILLER & Book Signing

    REMINDER: When our meeting space is BOOKED already on a Thursday, we bump the meeting to WEDNESDAY. That is the case this time.. The VCDL meeting will be WEDNESDAY night, 9/18/13 - 1930hrs- Mason District Governmental Center, 6507 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA 22003. See you there! EMILY MILLER...
  7. ed

    MWAA Police Chief responds to my letter about Open Carrier questioned..

    Dear Chief - I last had communication with you in 2008 with regard to the legal Open Carry of Firearms at both Dulles and National airports. The fact that we have not really had an issue in the past five years is a testament to both of us educating out troops. Last week however, I heard from a...
  8. ed

    New Video Recorder Coming October 2013 - Vievu - 2013

    Since Virginia is a one party consent state with regard to recording, it is pretty common for those of us that Open carry to also have a digital Audio recorder ON and RECORDING whilst openly carrying. I have played with some VIDEO cameras.. but they were bulky or not really what I wanted...
  9. ed

    VCDL Membership Meeting - 8/15/13 - 7PM - Dulles Greene Turtle - Sterling, VA

    After a couple of months of a "No Firearms Allowed" sign appearing an disappearing at the Dulles Greene Turtle in Sterling, EM's Brian Reynolds and Ed Levine got to the bottom of it. It seems that the owner of the restaurant did not want to allow firearms but the management staff did. Some...
  10. ed

    Green Turtle Dulles removes their NO GUNS ALLOWED sign..

    Over a year ago, Andrea Baxter took down the "NO GUNS ALLOWED" sign at GREENE TURTLE, LEESBURG. Today Jeremy Sundheimer took the sign down at Greene Turtle Dulles and said he welcomes us with Open Arms. Well done... and thanks. (Thanks to Paul Irey for bringing this to my attention)...
  11. ed

    OC Event - Author John Lott (More Guns=Less Crime) to speak at 7:30PM 3/7/13

    Economist, Gun Rights advocate, friend, professor and author John R Lott Jr - John Lott: More Guns, Less Crime will be speaking tonight at 7:30PM at the Cascades Senior Center, 21060 Whitfield Place, Sterling, VA 20165.
  12. ed

    OC Dinner - BurgerFi - Leesburg, VA - Monday 3/11/13 - 1900hrs

    OC Dinner - BurgerFi - Leesburg, VA - Monday 3/11/13 - 1900hrs https://www.facebook.com/events/135217423326063/
  13. ed

    Logan's Sterling no longer anti..

    Via email... - - - - On Sat, Mar 2, 2013 at 8:11 AM, Mary Rose Goodwin <MaryRoseG@logansroadhouse.com> wrote: Good Morning Mr. Levine – I did speak with a gentleman yesterday who wanted to bring a group into the Sterling Location here in Virginia. I did let him know that he and his party were...
  14. ed

    OC Dinner - DelMarVa tap house - Sterling. Tuesday 2/19/13 - 1900hrs

    OC Dinner - DelMarVa tap house - Sterling. Tuesday 2/19 - 1900hrs RSVP on Facebook (or here): https://www.facebook.com/events/414637675297630
  15. ed

    AG issues opinion on carry in Glovebox/container

    http://edsfiles.us/letters/agglovebox.pdf Issues Presented You present several questions related to the possession and storage of firearms in vehicles by persons who may lawfully possess a fireatm but have not been issued a concealed weapons permit. You first ask whether a handgun can be loaded...
  16. ed

    VCDL Meeting - Mason District Station - Annandale 2/28/13 - 8PM

    Emily Miller, the reporter who has been doing a series of articles on the failed gun-control agenda of Washington D.C. for the Washington Times, will be speaking at our February 28 meeting at the Mason Government Center. The meeting will start at 8 PM and will be open to the public. Philip...
  17. ed

    Open Carry Dinner - Greene Turtle Leesburg 1900hrs - 1/28/13

    This Greene Turtle USED to have a no gun sign.. We convinced them that it does nothing for them.. since then we have had some great dinners there. Our last one there had 47 people. This one might even be bigger.. Facebook RSVP event and info is here...
  18. ed

    VCDL Lobby Day 2013 - Legislative Tracking Tool -

  19. ed

    Fire Mission - Lets get rid of this gun grabber - JMDD

    Poll.. who would you LEAST want as yet Lt. Gov? http://virginiavirtucon.wordpress.com/2012/12/20/new-virtucon-poll-who-is-your-last-choice-for-the-gop-lt-gov-nomination-in-2013/ Gun grabber JMDD leads the poll! :-)