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  1. rob31567

    Walmart OCer

    Was shopping at the Walmart on Rt 60 Ashland today and noticed an open carrier. It was around 330 this afternoon and was gonna say something to the gentlemen but decided not too. If you were the guy and your on this forum, you werent the only one carrying in there today. Rob
  2. rob31567

    Hb 222 question

    I have searched the forums for any information about this and was unable to find anything except from 2010. Does anyone have any info on this? After reading about Wy giving this a try I'd like to know if Kentucky has anything like this. The firearm protection act. Thanks
  3. rob31567

    Arizonas Senate Bill 1108?

    Arizonas Senate Bill 1108 , Is Kentucky next? Ive tried searching on here to find any posts relating to this bill subject in Ky. Could someone please point me in the right direction if any or has this subject ever been brought up in the forums? Ive googled till my fingers are numb. Watching a...
  4. rob31567

    Possible Meeting Place???

    My wife is an employee at Rosies rest. off old 60 in Rush and she spoke to the owner about a possible meet and greet there. Shes all for it and said everyone was welcome to hold one there and more than welcome in open carrying in there anytime you come in. Guess shes for it, my wife open carries...
  5. rob31567

    Walmart and Beer Sales, NO GUNS ??

    Was just at the Catlettsburg Walmart and one of the employees warned me that carrying OC or Concealed at the Ashland Walmart is prohibited because they sell beer there. Does anyone have any info on that Walmart and do they prohibit carrying in that store? I maybe wrong, but wouldnt that fall...
  6. rob31567

    OC while hunting?

    Could someone please either point me in a direction on where to read on this or does anyone have a simple explanation on if I am able to OC while hunting? Ive read some on the Ky.org site, but I guess I am not understanding it correctly. Any info. would be greatly appreciated.........Rob